What are some Cloud Computing Providers?

Question by Jesse: What are some Cloud Computing Providers?
Keep it as basic as possible, please. An answer I’m looking for is something like Amazon’s cloud drive, etc. add a description about each.
Cloud Storage devices is what I’m looking for.

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Answer by xn?????p
what types of “cloud” software are you looking for? there are HUNDRED of services out there, so you need to narrow it down for us 🙂

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  1. well..there is of course dropbox with 2gb free storage space, mp3tunes and esnips for music, then windows live skydrive i think it has if i remember correctly 7 gb of free storage space and there is A LOT more. 4shared, box, google play. i have an account for a couple of them. dropbox for example i only use to deposit pictures and small docs like word files and such and the ones which offer more space for your files generally i use for music files. and for that I also use audials tuebite. its a soft and you can transfer and manage your files on the cloud, it’s pretty helpful actually.
    anyway, hope this helps, but i think there should be a lot of results if you just do a quick google search.
    btw, this is a link to that soft i was telling you about, in case you decide to give it a try: http://audials.com/en/cloud/google_play.html

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