Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Information Technology or IT plays a vital role in company smooth operation and business. IT includes different types of services which need to be available, reliable and secure all the time.

The provision of all IT services are governed by some features and characteristics which need to be specially taken care of to realize the best quality cloud computing services to the customers or end users.

Following are essential or key characteristics of the cloud computing which make this technology highly attractive form of business of the future.

Rapid Scalability
Measured Services
Broad Network Access
On Demand self-service
Resource pooling

All these characteristics are described separately for better understanding of cloud computing.

Rapid Scalability: This is very important feature of this service that any modification and enhancement in the services are very easy and fast which make this service very scalable and resilient. You can easily add up required bandwidth, processing speed and data storage or number of license in very short time. You need not to plan any more for project costing, procurement, project implementation or project closer; but all you need is to place a purchase order to the service provider and enjoy the services in due time.

Measured Services: It can be provided as much service as needed to the customer through usage of cloud computing technology. This is one of the best characteristics of the cloud computing which make this technology the most suitable for enterprises. You can get the specified number of user license for any type of the software. You can get a definite data space and network bandwidth which is suitable to your demands. This characteristic makes this service very well defined and predictable cost.

Broad Network Access: Cloud computing provide the users with variety of services on the network with broader data spaces, multiple value added services, many new software, many advanced processing techniques and much more accessibility to a highly rich and capable network. This is very important characteristic for the entrepreneur to think out of box for their business growth.

On-Demand Self Service: This is very crucial characteristics of cloud computing by the virtue of this feature a customer is always in the driving seat regarding its present and future needs. He has to just find out and expand the business; IT solutions are no more issue for a business man. He has just to demand for more services which are provided just on a demand note.

Resources Pooling: The software or hardware resources are parked under a pool which can be used by any customer on demand and as soon as one user releases the resources, that resource can be allocated to another user; thus increasing the capacity of the system and better capacity-utilization of resources available for the business.

Above all five characteristics are very important for a cloud computing which delivers the best results in this business.