Hackers Turn Square Hardware Into Device to Steal Old Credit Card Information

Just because the Square Reader is new doesn’t mean it isn’t susceptible to the same scams as old school ATMs and credit card readers. Three recent Boston University graduates are preparing to publicly present research that demonstrates how to hack Square’s mobile payments hardware. The research is set to be shown off at the The […] Read more »

Firehost Secures $25 Millions to Enhance Cloud Computing Service Security

IaaS cloud computing services of Firehost would be made more secure, robust and reliable with the help of this infusion $25 million funding. This was announced by the Firehost secure cloud computing service provider on Sunday, April 20, 2014 that it has netted as much as $25 million funding to enhance the security and reliability […] Read more »

RackHigh Launches VMware Based Enterprise Private Cloud Computing Services

Highly secure and industry standard compliant enterprise private cloud computing service would provide the industry grade performance for the enterprise customers. RackHigh has announced this weekend on Sun, March 16, 2014 that its newly established private cloud computing service will be available for official launch. This new service will offer the private cloud environment that […] Read more »

How to Connect the Social Media Marketing Dots

Did you know that many online and off-line businesses have used social media marketing platforms for years, but there are still many that are untapped. The future of social media is looking very bright. There are so many aspects to this form of marketing that have not been fully utilized. But that really is nothing […] Read more »

Q&A: What Song to Do for an Audition for Legally Blonde?

Question by Serena: What song to do for an audition for legally blonde? I’m 15, mezzo soprano, beltish. What are good ideas please? Best answer: Answer by frostproofgrapefruitIf it’s Legally Blonde the musical, then you should certainly sing a song from that musical. I don’t know any but you can easily Youtube them. Otherwise, try […] Read more »

Q&A: What Is the Best Free Anti Virus Software?

by Dell’s Official Flickr Page Question by confused: What is the best free anti virus software? I have windows 7 and am looking for an anti virus software that covers everything i was using avg free home addiitions any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Best answer: Answer by Miss Conservative.Avast or AVG. Some may […] Read more »

What Are Some Good Broadway or Classical Songs to Sing for a Talent Competition for Sopranos?

by Dell’s Official Flickr Page Question by Amber: what are some good broadway or classical songs to sing for a talent competition for sopranos? I participate in ALOT of talent shows and im really stuck on what to sing for one coming up! I would love to get some ideas on broadway or classical songs. […] Read more »

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying: Good Monologue and Song for Smitty?

Question by ZoyatheDestroya: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying: Good monologue and song for Smitty? Smitty plays as the girls main characters best friend. She has a bit of a low voice. Her personality is cynical but big-hearted. Her tone is Mezzo 20s-40s Best answer: Answer by Theater DorkHere are some great FEMALE […] Read more »

Q&A: Is There Anyone Else in Here Who Likes to Read the Adult Animated Magazine Heavy Metal?

Question by .: Is there anyone else in here who likes to read the adult animated magazine Heavy Metal? I especially like to read the Requiem Vampire Stories in this awesome magazine. I’ve been addicted to this magazine ever since I was a teenager. Do you like the Requiem Vampire stories? Also, I wonder how […] Read more »

How Come the Weather Channel Is Not Always True About the Weather?

by Michigan Municipal League (MML) Question by Francis Jairam: How come the weather channel is not always true about the weather? Well over the past few years the weather channel is not predicting right. Like today we were suppose to have rain but it didn’t since I only saw a few clouds in the sky. […] Read more »