How Cloud technology specially Cloud hosting technology works

Cloud technology – How this Cloud technology works in hosting industry?

cloud technology

cloud technology

Cloud technology which used as basis for floud hosting is most attractive cloud technology and concept of IT solution which is getting high level of popularity with every passing day. This cloud technology provides the best solutions to IT requirements of an end user as well as a company. Working principle of the cloud technology is based on the virtualization of the servers; this is a farm or the virtually connected number of servers which farm ideally an unlimited capacity platform of the services. These services are accessed through the internet cloud on private or public network connections. An interface application is used to access the services located remotely at the virtual places or in the internet cloud. Here is full detail of working mechanism.


Working Cloud technology:

Full realization of cloud technology can be divided into two parts.

  • Front End Layer
  • Back En Layer

Cloud technology structure

Front end layer pertains to the accessibility and service using procedure while the back end is much high tech grid of servers and platforms which make a complete virtualized platform of the servers called ‘Virtual Private Servers’ VPS. At the user end or at user machine you just need a computer with minimum processing power, an internet connection and an interface or browsing application which is used to connect to the cloud services. The examples of such interfaces are Mozilla Firefox, IE and Google Chrome etc. At the back end or sometimes it is called as the back office, where there are many servers virtually connected together as a part of one virtual platform of the server. This forms a grid of the servers that may be located at different geographical and virtual locations. The addition of new server itself or any addition in the capacity of the server is so easy and flexible. There are many types of servers which run in a virtual environment to provide different types of services which may include multimedia, document applications, processing applications and utilities which may be scientific, social or any other field. There are different platforms and operating systems which run on different types of the servers but the end user is completely unaware of the back office technical issues and has full liberty to use any authorized application or processing capacity at his/her end device without installing that application on his device. He/she can play a video on his/her machine without installing the client software for the same he/she has to just access the service through interface software.

Summary on Cloud technology

Cloud technology and specially cloud hosting is proving to be a virtual application heaven for the individual users who care a little about the security of their data. Still the companies are a bit reluctant about full-fledged usage of this service.