Cloud Web Hosting – A Cost Effective Solution

Cloud web hosting is a great information technology ‘IT’ business model which is equally useful for both companies and individuals.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud Web Hosting

This concept centralizes the provisioning, operation and maintenance of services, network resources, hardware and software at one place under highly recommended operating conditions and security. Cloud web hosting is a business related concept of IT resource provisioning to the end users of different companies from a centralized location through a network or internet connection under predefined single or multiple user interfaces. There are hundreds or even thousands of different applications which are used by different small, medium and large enterprises for their business; these all applications and their license management need to be done regularly. A company needs different level of high processing servers, software, hardware, software licenses, different software and hardware up-gradations, data backups, data security policies, different operation and maintenance procedures and protocols to operate and manage a secure and updated IT infrastructure for better delivery of the company services. This all costs money in form of:

  • Purchasing of new hardware including networking and inter-networking equipments
  • Purchasing of different types of software
  • Purchasing of software patches and hardware upgrades
  • Purchasing and management of software license
  • Maintenance of network, data warehouse, software, equipment place, power and security of the equipment room.
  • Redundancy management and data backups.

The cost effective and hassle free solution to all these problems is cloud web hosting. Cloud hosting provides you and your company with all the resources including hardware, software and data processing through one user interface on the internet or private network connection. You and your company worker need just a terminal with very limited processing power to access the cloud web hosting resources and all the other functions are performed and carried out there at centralized location. This servicing is called the cloud web hosting or cloud computing. Cloud computing has following different services which are provided to the end users or the companies.

  • IaaS, (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) or HaaS (Hardware-as-a-Service)
  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) or PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)

All of the above mentioned services are provided by the cloud web hosting provider on very nominal monthly or annually contract which includes all the costs regarding:

  • Service provisioning
  • Operation and Maintenance of the infrastructure and services both.
  • Redundancy of the online data backups and data recovery.
  • Customer support
  • Data security and logs etc

Cloud web hosting is very elastic and flexible for any sort of up-gradation in the services and modification in the hardware capabilities. The reduced cost for all this is the salient feature of cloud web hosting business which has become so attractive for many companies and business entrepreneurs.