Cloud Hosting – Cost and Security a Better Trade Off

Cloud Hosting – Cost and security a better trade off

Cloud hosting is a better tradeoff between the cost and security of the service and data, as far as the small business and non commercial users are concerned. Newer security and confidentiality rules and technologies are being introduced into this form of business, which is making cloud hosting a more secure and reliable option against the price of the services which cloud hosting services are provided at. There are many service provider companies in the market which are providing an excellent bundle of services in the price of just few hundred dollars. Such services are unimaginable in the case when you are thinking about setting up private and dedicated hosting services by yourself for the sake of security and confidentiality.

Cloud Hosting saves

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

A company has to spend thousands of dollars as an initial cost to set up an infrastructure which will include purchasing of costly IT equipments including servers, switches, routers, site acquisition, electricity, telecommunication lines and network connections. You have to plan your network and its design through consultants which also charge an ample amount of dollars. Then you have to allocate the budget and execute the project through purchasing to implementation and closing of the same. Thus, you get a project of hosting services completed after a long time and planning phase with huge amount of money spent on it. Now you need technical staff to maintain the same against any technical problems regarding operation and maintenance of the services and networks. You will have to manage the license of the hardware and software every time with any change in user counts and also you have to buy the updates and software patches to keep your systems and data secure and available. In this case, you have to take care of your network and its resources always. Once the technology changes or more capacity of the server is needed and if there is no hardware support of the existing system then you have to go for completely a new solution which will cost you a huge money and time. The services are also interrupted which is not feasible for an online company.

But when we talk about the cloud hosting it is so fast and reliable as far as the network and service availability is concerned. The services are fully managed under the supervision of highly expert human resources and the cost charged by the cloud hosting provider starts from just hundreds of dollar. That is a great compromise against the control on the data and location of the data to the cost to pay for the cloud hosting services.

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