Do You Agree With the Statement That the Web Was the First Cloud Computing Platform?

Question by bleuflamenco: Do you agree with the statement that the Web was the first Cloud Computing Platform?
Or am I missing something? As I see it, web sites were the first distributed, scalable, highly customizable platform on the internet. Email and stuff like IRC and FTP were huge, but they aren’t really platforms upon which more complex systems were built like the Web is.
Dr. Dave, I agree, but that’s not what I was asking.

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Answer by DrDave
Of course not. Cloud is the next step in taking control of what users do. You’ll be charged for every thing. You will no longer have your own personal software. You’ll pay to use applications every time you use them. Big Brother is just around the corner.
Edit: What part of “Of course not” don’t you understand?

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  1. ? says:

    No, the first “Cloud computing” was when people used a “Dumb terminal” to connect to a remote main frame computer via a dialup modem.

    I experienced this kind of computing in the late 70’s

    It was something that people then compared to real computing as prison sex
    compared to wedding night sex.
    (and the person making the comparison having the point of view of a virgin bride)

    In cloud computing nothing is actually saved on the users access device except for
    the adress where their data and programs can be found, if that remote “Cloud” fails
    for any reason you can easily lose it all.

    Recently one user lost ALL their cloud saved data because the remote service
    was snooping in his folders and found ONE file that they considered a violation of terms
    and cancelled his service and deleted all his data without warning, a chance to recover
    his data or detailed explanation…

    Cloud computing hasn’t improved all that much