Cloud computing – A New Effective IT solution

Cloud computing – A New Effective IT solution based also known as cloud hosting

cloud computingModern businesses of the globe are highly dependent on many types of software applications; every passing day is bringing more and more software and technologies into the business portfolio. These applications need extra infrastructure, software, processing power, network connectivity and speeds. All of the above factors are very costly if managed by each and every company independently, which is not feasible for their business profitability in this overwhelming competitive environment of the globe. The best and the most effective solution to this problem is cloud computing which is known as ‘cloud hosting’ as well. Cloud computing is cost effective, scalable and resilient along with high availability. Cloud computing, ie. cloud hosting is meant to sharing of different IT resources like, infrastructure, software, data processing and data storages. All of these resources are provided to end user or corporate customer through cloud software or other browsers remotely. These resources are provided to the users on contract or tenancy. Corporate and bulk users are provided cloud computing on negotiated Service Level Agreement ‘SLA’ while single or small volume users are provided the service on standard company defined SLA which is marketed online.

Technically speaking, every small or large company needs following resources for different types of services but not limited to fixed number of the same; quantity, volume, version and management aspects are prone to change which occurs very fast in the field of IT and telecom.

  • Desktop/Laptop machines
  • Software copies
  • License management of the software and hardware
  • Software and hardware up gradation and patches
  • Servers and heavier computing machines
  • Networking equipments and power equipments
  • Data centre and data storage spaces
  • Environment management and technical as well as non technical human resources.

Every company cannot afford such huge mixture of resources to mange independently, though some bigger companies can do this and are managing this. Cloud computing is very useful and cost effective solution for those small and medium companies and end users who cannot afford such huge OPEX and CAPEX for their business profitability. Cloud computing is a provision of all of the above mentioned infrastructure, software, license, processing power and data storage on the cloud (Internet or intranet or both) through single software interface which provide the smooth and hassle free access, use, modification and management of the services and applications used by the end user or the corporate user. Following categories of services are provided by cloud hosting on cloud computing basis.

Cloud computing services:

  • Software as a Service SaaS
  • Infrastructure as a Service IaaS
  • Hardware as a Service HaaS
  • Platform as a Service PaaS

Cloud hosting which is based on cloud computing technology is dealt very professionally by the providers who take care of the physical and data security of the resources and data transportation, authorization, redundancy of the data and much more issues pertaining to the user concerns.

Cloud computing – be on top and use the best solution available today.