Challenges and Problems in Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

There are many challenges and problems which are being faced by cloud hosting technology model of business. Some of them are very important from entrepreneur perspective and some are very crucial for provider perspective.

Here are some very important and most challenging problems which are being faced by cloud hosting technically and commercially.

  • Security of data storage, processing and transportation
  • Confidentiality
  • Competition in the market
  • Optimized usage of resources
  • Redundancy

Above mentioned problems are some of highly talked about challenges in cloud hosting business.

Security of Cloud Hosting: Security pertaining to data which may relate to its processing, storage and transportation is the most important challenge of cloud computing. Every customer company has very loose control on security and the integrity of its data. Data is very vulnerable at different processes and stages like storage at distant location under the physical control of cloud hosting provider and transportation of the confidential data over public or private long distance physical networks which can lead to a disastrous level of insecurity. The security of the data is a very critical challenge which creates high level of risks in the minds of service users or customers who are thinking about cloud hosting services. So, it is very prime concern of an entrepreneur to have a great confidence about the safety and the integrity of its intellectual business property.

Confidentiality: This is also another form of security which pertains to the credibility of the provider and its confidentiality-policy which gives the confidence to the provider for using cloud hosting services for better business profitability. The provider of the cloud computing services should have a very well defined strong policy for confidentiality of the intellectual property of the companies. This is a very big challenge for this form of business to develop the confidence of an entrepreneur in cloud hosting or cloud computing form of business.

Competition: The rising competition in the IT market pertaining to the cloud hosting business is another very important change which needs to be addressed with visionary and foresighted business plans to attract the future business in the market. This is a very good sign for better grooming of this business, at the same time it is also giving tough time for the providers of the cloud hosting to sell their services aggressively.

Optimized usage of network: A good businessman would try to plan his/her resources to be utilized at full capacity so that he/she can make most of his/her assets and resources. Different users have different service using behavior so it is very imperative to plan the overall user response in the way to make optimized usage of the resources.

Redundancy: Redundancy pertains to the dual homing of the data centers as well as the dual equipment installations. This lead to double the CAPEX which is also a challenge for this the cloud hosting business; this activity increases the operation and maintenance cost too.