What Are Some Cloud Computing Providers?

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Do You Agree With the Statement That the Web Was the First Cloud Computing Platform?

Question by bleuflamenco: Do you agree with the statement that the Web was the first Cloud Computing Platform? Or am I missing something? As I see it, web sites were the first distributed, scalable, highly customizable platform on the internet. Email and stuff like IRC and FTP were huge, but they aren’t really platforms upon […] Read more »

Q&A: Network Admins Only. Do You Think Cloud Computing Is Real or Just a Catch Phrase?

by rafaeldesigner Question by identity: Network admins only. Do you think cloud computing is real or just a catch phrase? give reason why? is this the future or just something more to the daily aspects of a administrator. Best answer: Answer by John SI think its potential, but right now no cloud computing isnt “real”. […] Read more »


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Q&A: What Is Cloud Computing?

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Cloud Computing – Best Example/description of What Cloud Computing Could Represent 100+ Years Ago(for a Paper)?

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What’s So Great About Cloud Computing and Why Should You Invest in Companies Using This Technology?

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Cloud Computing: How Does It Differ From the File Sharing That Has Been Done to Death for Over 10 Years?

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Q&A: I Am Doing a Final Year Project on the Benefits of Cloud Computing , Any Help?

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