Cloud Platform Types and Services

cloud platform
Cloud Platform

There are many types of services which are being provided virtually through internet or cloud platform. These services are not fixed to certain number of the services; they are increasing every day as per demands and needs of the growing market. Some business models for cloud platform has been devised to categorize the bundle of cloud computing services.


Cloud Platform Types:

Cloud Software-As-A Service:

This model includes different types of providers’ application through internet or cloud platform. This is very basic and hassle free model for the customers, in this model of cloud platform services all of the software, platform and hardware which are used by the customer belong to the provider property and are owned, managed and controlled by the cloud computing provider. The customer is given the rights to subscribed services to operate, manage and control to a certain level of the operability. The example of such services is Google and Yahoo services which use all of the resources of provider’s company. There are some pros and cons of this type of model. There is a very limited control of customer or user on the services management and other security related matters and every important activity related to Operation and Maintenance is performed by the provider. This is very suitable for low secure services for the small business and individual users. This is very tension free model of service with no hassle and bothering.


Cloud Platform-As-A Service:

This cloud platform model is very useful for those small and medium businesses which run their own separate proprietary application or software but do not want to invest in the hardware and platforms to operate those applications. This is very important model which is getting great grounds in the business market; the companies with limited level of security sensitivity can use this cloud platform model of business for an effective cost saving for their company operation. The customer implements its own developed or purchased software applications at provider’s platform and gets all the assurance of the operation and maintenance and also gets the permission for any sort of audit other security and operation and maintenance oriented surveys. This is costlier model than previous one.


Cloud Infrastructure-As-A Service:

This business model is technically more secure and reliable as far as the involvement of the customer is concerned. The customer uses the infrastructure of the provider or the cloud hosting company but cloud platform and software are not used that of provider. The provider has physical control over the infrastructure and all the resources but virtually the applications and services are under the control of the customer. This is much secure model of business which is very suitable for medium and large organizations that have high sensitive information of their business. This cloud platform model can revolutionize the pattern of IT business in very future once the concerns of the security are diminished in the minds of businessman.

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