Q&A: I Need Party Ideas for a Pot Luck Dinner I Am Hosting: The Theme for the Pot Luck Is Comfort Food. Ideas?

Question by Chelle_H_69: I need party ideas for a pot luck dinner I am hosting: the theme for the pot luck is Comfort Food. Ideas?
What kind of decorations? Should I invite people to dress in their most comfy pjs? If we did a gift exchange, what kind of things should I suggest as gift ideas?

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Answer by Sarah B

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  1. summer_ella_06 says:

    That sounds like an awesome time. Can I come? I’d put lots of pillows and soft comfy blankets around to sit on. Lots of candles. Maybe some cloud decor. Comfy PJs sounds good. Gift exchange.. I’d go with relaxing stuff. Candles, bubble bath, soothing cds, aromatherapy stuff…

  2. Lady D says:

    for food, serve the “comfort” foods. ice cream, cake, pie, pasta, pizza, chips n dip, stuff like that. mostly all the unhealthy food you can think of. lol. wear casual clothes and for gift ideas um fancy chocolates and bath products, not that your guests stink and i could smell them from here. :)

  3. Skylark says:

    I think pjs are a good idea. Gift ideas could be slippers, decorative pillows, throws, scented candles.

  4. ssavage23 says:

    Comfort Foods huh? Well if it a bunch of girlfriends it gonna end up being all liquor and chocolate!!! If it’s not just the girlfriends, suggest that they make their grandmothers best dish that has been passed down to them or a dish they are really proud of becuase its good, not fancy… Thr PJ thing is an excellent idea too – but if there is alchohol you better stock up on pillows and extra blankets!!! And if you do a gift thing – make sure it can go to any sex, is sort of a gag, and costs 10 bucks or less…..

    Have a Great time!!

  5. kissme9167 says:

    Macaroni and cheese from the kitchen NOT the blue box… Chili would be good too and don’t forget the hershey’s black magic cake. Mismatched plates and utensils,southern country feel.

  6. hidy_lady says:

    cheesecake, cookies, cupcakes, check out http://www.allrecipes.com it has excellent recipes. dress casually not pjs. also do a cookie exchange or recipe exchange. what about making the items i listed above with others and put the recipes with them. get others to do the same and you can exchange recipes on the foods you like.

  7. Secret Admirer says:

    Put a lot of candles around and tell everyone to wear just a t and some shorts if you have a gift exchange how about maybe some candy or a fruit basket or a buety basket if it is all girls. Have finger sandwinches and soda with some fruit and dip. Good Luck!

  8. aredneckwedding says:

    I love the pj idea! For the gift exchange, think neck pillows, spa packs, etc. Check out http://www.orientaltrading.com – they have the coolest rubber duckies that you could get for party favors!

    Decorations…maybe the duckies…

  9. Nicolleta says:

    Super cute favors that everyone will talk about. At least they where at my party:


  10. 12 Gauge says:

    Have it by candle light buy the beach.