Placentas Are Amazing Organs, and We’re Learning That They Do So Much More Than Simply Manage the Mo

Placentas are amazing organs, and we’re learning that they do so much more than simply manage the movement of nutrients and wastes between mother and fetus. In this month’s issue of The Scientist, placenta expert Christopher Coe explains its other roles, including hormonal regulation, iron storage, and immune system training. Read more… All articles Read more »

Q&A: What Cloud Computing Applications Exist? What Programming Languages Were Used to Create Them?

Question by Delirium tremens: What cloud computing applications exist? What programming languages were used to create them? Best answer: Answer by penguin_petes_comSilly answer: “Cloud computing” is a ten-dollar term on a nickel errand! Seriously: All it means is that the software you used to have on a computer is now on the Internet and accessible […] Read more »