Case Study: How to Successfully Relaunch Your Website and Enhance UX

The Content Standard (TCS) is the content hub within the much bigger Skyword, a company that helps marketers create and implement effective content marketing strategies.One day, the TCS team realized that, though they were preaching about the best practices in content marketing, they weren’t exactly practicing it themselves.So, they decided to relaunch their site to […] Read more »

This website finds the perfect reaction GIF to express your selfies

Even with all the crap going on in the world, you can always count on the internet to come up with something stupidly wonderful to distract you from reality and cheer you up. Alex Holachek’s “Reaction GIF Generator” (via BoingBoing) isn’t your typical GIF generator. In what must have been a clever napkin idea, Holachek […] Read more »

What is cloud computing? How can I utilize cloud computing if I want to establish a website?

Question by samurai: What is cloud computing? How can I utilize cloud computing if I want to establish a website? Best answer: Answer by xcelled194Cloud computing relates to documents stored on web servers “In the cloud” (on the internet). This has several advantages, two of the most obvious being instantaneous anywhere access (Like Yahoo Mail) […] Read more »

Q&A: Want to make my own website…?

Question by viking: Want to make my own website…? A small scale one and not one for commercial interest to start with…. how should i go about this?? need domain name registration and cheap hosting (cloud hosting?) Best answer: Answer by Bee Happy ClubHow do you make a website? This is a question that I […] Read more »

Microelectronics Technology Launches Corporate Website

GigaOm Structure 2009 Image by Kevin Krejci Panel: Building the Perfect Host for Web Apps Panelists: James Lindenbaum, Heroku David Lipscomb, NetSuite Lew Moorman, Rackspace Hosting Matt Mullenweg, WordPress Javier Soltero, SpringSource Microelectronics Technology Launches Corporate Website Domainstutter is hooked into the cloud computing space through the utilization of Virtual Private Servers powered by XEN. […] Read more »

6 Nice Causes to Avoid Free Webhosting And Search For A Reliable Web Hosting

When it involves to webhosting, there are many choices on hand. Therefore, several alternatives to decide on from, free web hosting, cheap web hosting, or even enterprise web hosting, you may be tempted to consider one in all the many free hosting providers out there. But, there are some common bad issues related to that […] Read more »