Kendu Isaacs Tried It! Mary J. Blige Exposes Him For Allegedly Spending Her Money On New GIRLFRIEND!

Mary J. Blige said “Nah Kendu” in response to his outrageous spousal support request.  And she exposed him for allegedly shelling out money to his GIRLFRIEND.  Deets inside… 

Remember that $ 110,000/month Kendu Isaacs lost his mind and filed for from Mary J. Blige?  Well Mary is responding, and exposing him for jacking $ 420,000 of her money….for his new girlfriend!

Mary filed new docs in court that say Kendu spent nearly half a million dollars on “travel charges” as her manager.  But…Mary wasn’t on these alleged trips.  In her docs, she says those charges were not business related and she was never included.  Oh, and she says he spent that cash on his new bae.


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TMZ states Mary said in the docs she will not be supporting his kids like he requested and also says their house is underwater by millions:

As we’ve reported … Martin is asking for more than $ 110k per month in spousal support, but Mary says that’s outrageous. She says, “I am not responsible for supporting [Martin’s] parents and his children from another relationship which he lists as ongoing monthly expenses.” 

Plus, Mary says there’s no money left for handouts, anyway. In the docs, she says their estate is “underwater” … to the tune of $ 10 million. As she put it, she has all the burden of covering their expenses, while Martin “contributes absolutely nothing.”



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Mary is keeping it moving on her tour.


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Has anyone tried cloud hosting?

Question by Billy: Has anyone tried cloud hosting?
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