Now is the absolute worst time to buy an iPhone


Apple is about to commit infanticide on the iPhone 7.

The device—which is great, and just a few months old—will likely be blown to unrecyclable smithereens by the upcoming iPhone 8, if rumors are any indication. Sure, it’s always true that a shiny new iPhone’s just around the corner, but there’s reason to believe the next iteration of Apple’s iconic gadget will be such a substantial leap forward that you’d be foolish to invest in a device now.

Here’s the big thing: A report in the Wall Street Journal Tuesday indicated that Apple will dump the Lightning port on the iPhone 8, replacing it with USB-C. In layman’s terms, the cords you currently use to power your phone or listen to music will be rendered useless, doomed to haunt your junk drawer or some far-off landfill forevermore. Read more…

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The Simpsons Parodies Adventure Time in Its Latest Couch Gag Opening

One of the greatest animated series of all time pays homage to another cartoon that will undoubtedly also be fondly remembered for decades as The Simpsons recreates Adventure Time for its latest couch gag opening, airing before the first episode of season 28.

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Enormous Time Capsule Will Be Opened in Michigan Today, Will Probably Suck

A gigantic time capsule from 1965 is going to be opened this afternoon in Bay City, Michigan. And locals have been speculating about what could be inside. Will it be filled with old movie cameras and classic records? Priceless gems and bars of gold? Probably not.

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Is slow response time on a network singlehandedly server sided?

Question by Cilixblade: Is slow response time on a network singlehandedly server sided?

So, as the lucky little prick I am, I got into a beta testing service of cloud computing, into one of the gaming services. The problem is that when I try to get into this, I always get the same error: “Your network response times are unusually high. Please try again later.”

Apparently, that may be because I’m to far from the servers. Since I live in Norway, that may not be so weird. Though, I know something is messed up with my network.

Obviously the question is:”Is slow response time on a network singlehandedly server sided?”
If it is, well, the problem is obvious, if it is not, and my network may be the problem, how can I fix it and how can I check it? I’m pretty sure ping isn’t network response time.

Best answer:

Answer by Grimace
No because if the server was always the problem, nobody would be able to use it.

Try this: Go to Start–>Run and type in: cmd. When the command window opens type in: tracert x.x.x.x (where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the server you’re trying to reach). You will then see where the delay is taking place because you’ll get a list of routers between you and the server and how long each hop takes.


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