A Woman Asked Tinder for All Its Data on Her. Their 800-Page Reply Will Terrify You

Think about all the information internet companies have collected about you. Now think about all of it being made public. (This shouldn’t be too hard to imagine given the recent, massive Equifax breach.) Chances are good that the nightmare scenario which flashed through your mind involved sensitive financial data and hackers making lavish purchases or […] Read more »

How Millennials Are Choosing to Spend Their Money

Millennials are using less credit than their parents did when they were younger, according to TransUnion. But two categories are different: personal and auto loans. Millennials’ needs are not vastly different from those of the generation before them at their age, but modern technology offers a huge opportunity to lenders. Millennials are using credit quite […] Read more »

Amore Beds Announces the Launch of Their World-Class GOTS Organic Wool…

Voted best in class by consumers across the country, Amore Beds has pioneered mattress innovation to become one of America’s most respected mattress providers. Raising the bar yet again by adding… (PRWeb May 18, 2017) Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/05/prweb14343719.htm All articles Read more »

Here’s What the Last Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer Revealed About the Villains and Their Plans

Last night was the premiere of the last trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. A lot of stuff wasn’t new, but what was new was that our new villain explained herself. And Nebula got enough screentime to help us chart her path. Read more… All articles Read more »

Some Galaxy Note 7 owners have issues with their non-exploding replacement device

Samsung can’t seem to catch a break at the moment. Three weeks ago, it was discovered that a battery defect was responsible for a number of Galaxy Note 7’s catching fire while on charge. Shortly after, the company announced that it would recall the handset and issue owners a replacement. However, some customers in South Korea […] Read more »

LinkedIn’s new app helps students figure out their career paths and find mentors

LinkedIn has already cemented its position as the go-to social network for working professionals. Now, it’s aiming at a younger audience with its new app for students that slated to launch on Monday. Coming to Android and iOS, LinkedIn Students offers college folks a look at the career paths their degrees will afford them once they […] Read more »


Question by jamesbond007: NUMBERS OF DESKTOP AND SERVER COMPUTING REQUIRED IN AN OFFICE OF 12 EMPLOYEE OF A FIRM AND IDENTIFY THEIR DIFF? pls can anyone help me with this assignment cos i need to submit it tommorrow.it is very imporatant and carries 100 mark.thank you as do,you can elaborate on it. Best answer: Answer […] Read more »