Tanium CEO’s Refreshingly Honest Take on the State of Internet Security

This is your Cyber Saturday edition of Fortune’s tech newsletter for October 7, 2017. On Tuesday, the wood-smoke air of California’s wildfires descended on the Bay Area as cybersecurity professionals gathered at the Palace Hotel for an industry event. I spent the morning interviewing Orion Hindawi, CEO of Tanium, the world’s highest privately valued cyber […] Read more »

Who Will Take Responsibility for Facebook?

Just after the collapse of the World Trade Center in 2001, Leslie E. Robertson, the twin towers’ chief engineer, plunged into a period of moral reckoning. As a young hotshot in the 1960s, Robertson had defied the engineering establishment to erect the iconic skyscrapers. Now, at age 73, he brooded. Over and over, observers suggested […] Read more »

The iPhone 7 might let you take it for a shower without breaking

If you’ve ever accidentally soaked your phone with water (or more frequently in my case, a pint of beer), you know the anxiety of having to let it dry in rice, and not knowing if your handset is irreparably busted. But this might be a thing of the past with the latest iPhone 7, as it’s rumored […] Read more »

Here’s why it’s hard to take a game from China to Europe

Disclosure: The organizers of ChinaJoy paid my way to Shanghai. Our coverage remains objective. SHANGHAI — Lots of Chinese game companies are flooding out of China into the West. Patrick Streppel, chief executive of consulting live operations firm IME helps make that happen. But he sees a ton of problems that can trip up the Chinese […] Read more »

Netflix Will Let New Moms and Dads Take a Year of Leave

The new policy is consistent with Netflix’s larger mandate that employees should be free to figure out their own work-life balance. The post Netflix Will Let New Moms And Dads Take A Year of Leave appeared first on WIRED. All articles Related: Why Netflix’s amazing unlimited maternity leave policy terrifies me Telcos told to leave cloud computing […] Read more »

Cloud Hosting Services ? Take The Pain out of Moving

Cloud hosting is the buzz word these days. Cloud computing is reshaping the IT marketplace, creating new opportunities for suppliers and catalyzing changes in traditional IT offerings. Cloud hosting, also known as enterprise or cluster hosting, is a service offered from a network of servers located in different internet data centers spread across the globe. […] Read more »

Cloud computing convention will take place in early September

Cloud computing. Image by Miran Rijavec Cloud computing is an unavoidable future of IT. Actually the future of cloud computing is still a little bit cloudy but quickly converging in a stable and reliable form. Big players gonna dictate the pace and the degree of freedom, security and privacy. Anyway, I am slowly moving in […] Read more »

IceWEB Setting Target to Take Lead in the Cloud Computing Market

IceWEB Setting Target to Take Lead in the Cloud Computing Market This dependence and usage is expected to rise further with the advent of cloud computing – a concept that is soon going to become mainstream and is expanding the breadth of its domain. Industry majors such as Microsoft, Google, Oracle (News – Alert), … […] Read more »