Q&A: I Need Cloud Computing Storage Information (Only Simple Name Stuff, Not a Big Explanation)?

Question by Max: I need Cloud Computing Storage information (Only simple name stuff, not a big explanation)? I need to know the name of the folder that is in out computer (such as drop box has a folder inside a computer). And how to synchronize the files (Methods stuff). If, I need to have a […] Read more »

Am I Paranoid if I Do Not Trust Cloud Computing Stuff, and Online Data Storage?

by Carlos de Miguel Question by Veni, vici, Vetinari: Am I paranoid if i do not trust cloud computing stuff, and online data storage? i don’t trust even the simplest online document translators (pdf->doc et), let alone storing my sensitive data somewhere online, while my notebook’s bundled software insists on doing so. Best answer: Answer […] Read more »

What Is Cloud Ready in Reference to Computing and Data Storage?

Question by : What is cloud ready in reference to computing and data storage? Can someone explain what it means to be cloud ready in reference to data storage and computing? Best answer: Answer by headheadandmoheadIn a nut shell it means having internet access. Other than that, anything you get that is new will have […] Read more »

iPhone Storage Application?

Question by : iPhone storage application? I have an 8gb iPhone, and it’s not enough space. Are there any applications that let me put my music, and applications from my iPhone onto like a Cloud Server, and then lets me download them when I need them? Thanks. I have unlimited data so it doesn’t matter […] Read more »

Can the Synology NAS, Act as a Storage Server and a Cloud Storage System?

Question by : Can the Synology NAS, act as a storage server and a cloud storage system? I was browsing the Western Digital My Book Live NAS and found out that you can even have some remote access for the files that are stored in that NAS from your Smartphone, Tablet or even from another […] Read more »

Few Points on Cloud Server Storage

by [ebarrera] Cloud storage is online storage system where the data is stored on virtual servers rather than on dedicated servers. The hosting companies have large data centers and there the data of the people are stored and often people also take some storage in lease too. In cloud storage the resources are also virtualized […] Read more »

Strategic Partners Breaking New Ground With EVault Cloud-Connected Storage

On the Platform Image by John Flinchbaugh Strategic Partners Breaking New Ground With EVault Cloud-Connected Storage … … continuity in multi-platform, multi-site environments. EVault data protection, disaster recovery and other storage services are optimised to perform in a distributed environment; supported by a secure, reliable cloud storage infrastructure; … Read more on MarketWatch (press release) […] Read more »