SAP seeks to speed analytics with AI technology

SAP wants to speed up how analytics adapt to change. It’s doing that by embedding SAP Predictive Analytics’ machine learning capabilities in S/4Hana.

“When you take something rules-based, you are not able to adapt predictions to new data,” said Mike Flannagan, SAP’s senior vice president for analytics, ahead of the company’s Sapphire Now customer conference in Orlando.

“The power of machine learning is you are able to continually update the model. Your model is running against all the data it has seen so far.”

But there’s another stumbling block to that: the computing power required for machine learning systems. “Most business apps aren’t robust enough to handle the machine learning computation,” said Flannagan. S4/Hana, on the other hand, is fast enough to embed machine-learning prediction in a core ERP system, something that was previously only possible with rules-based prediction, he said.

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Q&A: In this PC game you jump up and the level of speed increases?

Question by Coasting: In this PC game you jump up and the level of speed increases?
you jump on small platforms and jump up and up and the speed of jumping up gets faster to the point where the platforms fall faster than you can jump. I can’t remember the games name, but it was popular in middle school for comp classes about four years ago. theres a cloud rainbow stone wood all these are different stages of the game where is increases velocity and stuff. Please help me remember its name.-
YES!!!! thats it man thanks sooo much! Your getting best answer for sure!

Best answer:

Answer by soubrette
Ah hah! I know what you’re talking about!

Icy Tower! It’s on along with my other personal favorite, Happy Land Adventures! <3 That was popular in my middle school too.

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Veracode Introduces Greater Automation to Speed Software Application Security

On the Platform
cloud platform
Image by John Flinchbaugh

Veracode Introduces Greater Automation to Speed Software Application Security
BURLINGTON, Mass., Sep 21, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Veracode, Inc. today announced enhancements to its cloud-based application risk management platform that make it even easier to embed security verification processes into the software product
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Centrify Launches Centrify Suite 2012
as well as audits user session activity for increased security and compliance of cloud and on-premise systems. The new features in Centrify Suite 2012 enable users to easily centralize identities to cross-platform systems and establish secure,
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Question by Riel L: what is the name of this movie?
I’ve only scene the previews, but i know it’s a fantasy movie. I remeber a door and the mirror is checkerboarded and some people go through it. Also their is a scene where this man floats down on an upbrella on this platform in the clouds. It isn’t animation,but live action. I think it has “Mr.” in the title. And it isn’t mr.megoriums magic imporium. Everything is all weird and it isn’t you average movie.

Best answer:

Answer by me
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus – I think this is the movie you’re asking about.

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