The journalist sent to Sweden by a Twitter troll reports back

It’s been a week since independent journalist Tim Pool took up InfoWars editor-at-large and alt-right conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson’s offer to come to Malmo, Sweden, to investigate violence allegedly committed by migrants and refugees in the country.  So far, Pool has posted a clip for each day he’s been in the country. Topics have […] Read more »

FBI: People have sent $2.3BN to scammers sending emails ‘from your boss’ in just 2 years

The FBI has released some pretty awesome figures showing just how much money is being sent to scammers pretending to be your boss asking for you to wire some cash – amounting to $ 2.3 billion lost in just over two years. Turns out, the person responsible for that embarrassing incident that happened over at Snapchat recently is just […] Read more »