Comcast and Charter Just Showed Everyone How to Do Antitrust Violations Right

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has said that he wants to kill net neutrality because he believes it will somehow create more competition, which would be good for consumers. Let’s take a look at how the two biggest cable companies in America handle competition.

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France’s new “right to disconnect” law rolls out


Sunday saw the activation of the new “right to disconnect” law in France, a law that means workers are not obligated to read or send work-related emails outside of office hours. 

Under the new law, companies of 50 or more people are now obliged to negotiate with workers’ guidelines that set when employees are not required to read or answer work-related emails. If the two sides can’t come to an agreement, the company must publish a charter that specifically outlines what is expected of workers outside of work hours.   Read more…

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Microsoft will bake ad-blocking right into its Edge browser

On the first day of its Build developer conference, Microsoft confirmed that it will bring ad-blocking capabilities into its Edge browser. The feature will be available in the next version of Edge, along with support for extensions — which it included in a preview build earlier this month — an integrated Bing translator as well as a list of previously visited pages you can navigate to from a menu tied to the back button. That will make Edge one of the few desktop browsers that natively supports ad-blocking: Opera’s latest developer edition and former Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich’s Brave also…

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is this a right diagram for a basic scheme for how internet works?

cloud servers
by acroll

Question by : is this a right diagram for a basic scheme for how internet works?
computer (or any web enabled device ) <-----------> internet <----------->server(s)(including any combination of application, web, search servers, etc) <---------------->database

Is that a right diagram for the most basic scheme? Is it still valid for cloud computing? What would be a right diagram for cloud computing? Thanks

Best answer:

Answer by no1home2day
Not quite. You left out router, modem, any possible ISP (Internet Service Provider) you connect through (not the same as the server), and there’s something else I can’t quite put my finger on, before “database”. (Sorry, I can’t quite “see” it 🙁

Good luck with that homework assignment 🙂

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Q&A: What would you do with a Data Center that is nearly empty? It is right at MAE-WEST with OC48’s into it.?

Question by Nathan B: What would you do with a Data Center that is nearly empty? It is right at MAE-WEST with OC48’s into it.?
Not many servers their… Some find of virtual cloud for an application or host some servers for a large application for a company?
Party is a good idea, but you can just do that at a warehouse or a freeway on ramp, state park, etc.

Best answer:

Answer by Oswald
Invite all your friends and throw a party!

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Is cloud web hosting right for you?

cloud web hosting

Cloud hosting has gained immense popularity in recent times, but not many are exactly aware about its right definition. One of the description  and doing the rounds is one of the most common definition is that cloud hosting refers to a number of servers used for web hosting. Ideally, for web hosts plan to be regarded as a cloud web hosting, a couple of features need to be kept in mind:

1.    A huge technological infrastructure is required that can accommodate a number of servers that are connected together to fulfill the objective of running an application on more than one server.

2.    A client does not own a server and this in turn reduces the overall capital expenditure.

3.    Servers can be conveniently added and removed so that the application functions uninterrupted.

4.    One of the primary features of cloud hosting is that one is not charged a flat rate, in fact the rate is based on usage and a metered charge is used to calculate the actual rate.



Will cloud web-hosting work well for you?

If you have a small little website or maybe you have recently launched your website and do not attract much traffic, then it would not make sense for you to take cloud web hosting. On the other hand, if you have a website that does attract a decent amount of traffic and there are times when you website does encounter outages, then cloud web hosting would be an ideal option for you. Cloud hosting works wonders with all kinds of websites that attract a fair amount of traffic and especially for retail, e-commerce or media websites. If you have a retail website and are planning to do business online, then cloud hosting would be an ideal platform because you need not worry about switching servers or the service getting interrupted if there is a high influx of customers to your website. If your website requires more power or bandwidth, then it is automatically taken care of because the website is hosted on multiple servers and therefore the usage is automatically adjusted.

Hosting a website on cloud hosting plan is best when the site may encounter a large influx of visitors on certain days or occasions. In that case you would obviously not like to spend a large amount of money because that may lasts for a couple of hours or a couple of days at a time. Instead with cloud computing you get that resource just in time without additional costs. Undoubtedly, cloud hosting is a more versatile option since it does offer the flexibility of resources and even the opportunity to scale it up as per the demands. But if on the other hand you are sure about the resource load and do not expect fluctuations, then cloud hosting may not be such a good idea. In order to truly determine if you need cloud hosting or not, it is always advisable to even check with your web host provider.


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