Hugh Jackman Didn’t Know Wolverines Were Real Animals Until After He Started Shooting X-Men

We hear stories about actors being cast as superheroes who have never picked up a comic book all the time, but Hugh Jackman took this a step further when he showed up for his Wolverine audition back in the late ‘90s for the first X-Men movie. He didn’t even know wolverines existed—and he found out in the most…

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IDG Contributor Network: The real meaning of a merged channel strategy

There has been a wide range of thoughts about the meaning of physical store closings, coming from some major retail thinkers and various major media news outlets. But the underlying assumptions in almost all of these arguments are flawed. They cast physical stores and online sites as distinct entities, even rivals. The reality, though, is that these “rivals” are in the overwhelming number of cases owned by the same companies (Walmart vs., for example). Bottom line: The very concept of what a merged channel strategy looks like has eluded all those thinkers.

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The Real Star of Nintendo’s Big Switch Event Was a Mysterious Squid Expert

Thursday night, Nintendo revealed key details about its upcoming Switch console, including its release date (March 3) and price (a cool $ 300). None of that mattered, however, once the company brought out an in-house “squid researcher” to introduce Splatoon 2, a sequel to the Wii U’s 2015 team shooter coming this…

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Working out how to monetize your product is a real pain in the ass, just ask TextExpander

For many startups, the singular point of focus when you set out on your journey is getting users on board. Without users, you can’t demonstrate momentum and, frankly, that anyone gives a damn that your product exists. If users don’t give a damn, it’s hard for potential investors to care. Without money to develop it and add new features, it flounders further. It’s a vicious circle. Even if you do manage to attract a sizeable number of users with your free product – and maybe some investor cash too, there’s a point where you’ll need to start making some money back from…

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Q&A: Network admins only. Do you think cloud computing is real or just a catch phrase?

Question by identity: Network admins only. Do you think cloud computing is real or just a catch phrase?
give reason why?
is this the future or just something more to the daily aspects of a administrator.

Best answer:

Answer by John S
I think its potential, but right now no cloud computing isnt “real”.

Give it 5 years and serious investment and it could be a serious technology with major use potential.

but right now, im just not convinced sadly.

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