This Batshit Crazy Company Wants to Build Mobile Private Islands

Yachts are for chumps. People who really know how to spend their money get submersible yachts from Migaloo, a mysterious company that offers five different models of underwater palaces. But true evil villains just go for the Migaloo’s crown jewel: Kokomo Ailand.

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Q&A: what is cloud computing about? Does it have anything to do with VPN Virtual private Networks ?

Question by curious: what is cloud computing about? Does it have anything to do with VPN Virtual private Networks ?
Perhaps an off shoot of VPN technology and virtual machines?

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Answer by OzoneGuy
Cloud computing is the data (usually), executables, and CPU cycles are supplied by remote servers. No local backups, all software most up-to-date.

A VPN is “just” adding a distant network segment to a “corporate” one, so that corporate network security can be maintained.

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Q&A: How to create a private cloud computing network?

Question by ITMAN: How to create a private cloud computing network?

I work for a non-profit organization with 6 different locations and each location as its own computer system. I want to have all locations to connect to ONE server, but still have there SEPARATE systems. Is there a way to setup a small private Cloud or is VMWare and VPN connection the only reasonable way to get this to work? Should I consider using a Linux server OS for this project?

Servers- Windows Server 2K3 SBS
Workstations – Windows Xp and Vista


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Answer by Anon
You could buy dedicated connections (ones that don’t use the Internet) to accomplish this. VPN connectivity will be cheaper but also less reliable in terms of data throughput. It all depends on how much upfront and recurring costs you want.

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The Steps to a Private Cloud Implementation

The Steps to a Private Cloud Implementation
The cost, ease of operation and management automation, and easy scalability are all considered advantages to private cloud as well. Locality and security also set private clouds apart from the traditional public cloud. You are hosting your own cloud
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Velocity Technology Solutions Acquires Leading Oracle JD Edwards Hosting Provider
NEW YORK, NY, Sep 26, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Velocity Technology Solutions, Inc., the ERP in the Cloud company, today announced that it has acquired WTS, Inc., a strategic partner with Oracle for the hosting of the JD Edwards family of
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Security Provider StillSecure Launches Cloud Security Monitoring Service
The solution provides customers with a host-based firewall management solution that can be quickly and easily installed. It is also available to cloud and hosting provider partners to offer their customers via internal customer portals.
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Voxel's Enterprise Private Cloud Partnership

Voxel's Enterprise Private Cloud Partnership
Services include on-demand dedicated and virtual cloud servers, the VoxCAST Global Content Delivery Network (CDN), and a full suite of Managed Services for complex hosting deployments. The company is headquartered in New York City and maintains
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Evolution: Is Your Integration Stack a Dinosaur?
The mainframe-centric nature of computing gave way to Client/Server which in turn gave way to Internet and then SaaS/Cloud. Just like Mainframe-based applications could never really be retrofitted to be good client/server applications,
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Amazon Goes After Cloud App Speed Bumps
Customers can control the scale of their caching system in the cloud through the Amazon Management Console, which presents controls for each service. By clicking on selections in the console, a user can launch a cluster of caching servers running
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The Linley Group Releases First Report on Server Market, Highlights Mega Data
The report discusses the emergence of mega data centers and cloud computing as market game changers that are dramatically impacting server economics and creating increased demand for open-source, distributed computing platforms.
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