Toyota: Committed to hydrogen cars despite potential 'game changer' EV battery

TOKYO (Reuters) – Toyota Motor Corp’s solid-state battery technology under development could be a “game changer” for pure electric vehicles, but that does not mean the automaker is moving away from hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles, a company executive said. Toyota Motor Corp. Executive Vice President Didier Leroy presents the company’s Concept-i series as a screen […] Read more »

A 13% Yield, Industry Turnaround, And Upside Potential For This Pure-Play LP

Have you ever had to grit your teeth and “hang in there” while one of your holdings works through an industry trough? That’s where we’ve been at with USA Compression Partners LP (USAC) for the past few quarters. As US drilling declined and picked back up, USAC, the leading US pure play compression company, has […] Read more »

Podcast Assures Introverts Of Success Potential Despite Need To Hide

Introverted podcasters are demure yet outspoken, shy yet passionate, private yet public. In her podcast “Hiding In The Bathroom,” Morra Aarons-Mele explores what it means to find success in spite of (and perhaps even because of) your introverted tendencies. All articles Read more »