Best Place to Upload Host and Embed Commerical Video Content?

Question by : Best Place to Upload Host and Embed Commerical Video Content?
Looking to upload many videos, some as long at 2hrs, 30min – some as short as 5 min. They are commercial in nature, so Vimeo is out. What are my options – does Microsoft’s new cloud have this ability and the ability to embed into our website – Yes or No – Are there other options?

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Answer by Justin
Cloud storage sounds like your best bet. At 2.5 hours, your looking at quite a large file, and that’s not really appropriate for youtube.

Where is the best? Well, start with whomever your get your website hosting from. This won’t be free.

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Cloud computing convention will take place in early September

Cloud computing.
cloud computing
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Cloud computing is an unavoidable future of IT. Actually the future of cloud computing is still a little bit cloudy but quickly converging in a stable and reliable form. Big players gonna dictate the pace and the degree of freedom, security and privacy.

Anyway, I am slowly moving in one of those clouds hoping that they unify and synergetically combine all concepts.

Cloud computing convention will take place in early September
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Question by Robyn Shapiro: What is cloud computing in simplest terms?
Im reading an article and it says “The threat: cloud computing, in which applications run on the web.”

What does that mean?

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Answer by Capn
Instead of running applications on your computer they are run from central servers which you access to view data. The computing/calculating is done elsewhere, you just view the data and direct commands.

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