Microsoft Turbocharges Outlook With Salesforce Lightning

Microsoft Turbocharges Outlook With Salesforce Lightning

The revolution continues. Two years after erstwhile rivals Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff made the astounding announcement they would work together to better integrate their respective product lines, they are introducing joint product No. 11: Lightning for Outlook.

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Alternative to Outlook Express for Win7?

Question by Bodo: Alternative to Outlook Express for Win7?
I have years of archived .dbx files that serve as a diary to me. I do not want to “cloud” my data to hackable sites and have a “cloud” server get rid of my attachments after a few weeks. Please recommend a pop/smtp clientware (free preferably) where it accepts, or can convert, .dbx files. From where I’ve read so far, MS Outlook doesn’t have a very favorable rating. Perhaps someone has other ratings? Thank you all for your time in responding and recommondations in advance.
Tks kademi & Dude. T-bird seems to have most of what OE has, but per wikipedia, it doesn’t support .dbx files, nor state that conversions are possible. Will it read .dbx or is there software that will convert .dbx that can be read by T-bird? Wikipedia also states saving/drag-dropping msgs pickup on a new creation date iso the actual send/rcv date. That would be a setback, but I would consider T-bird if no other e-mail client fits closer to working with OE files. I don’t know if you can append to your responses below, but would be nice. Tks.
I actually installed T-Bird instead of just reading about it. Seems it does do a conversion from .dbx files. I am unable to find the appropriate amount of time to test it for all features for comparison purposes, so I’ll have to let this Q/A topic close without rating the software. I give thanks to both of you that answered!

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Answer by kademi
thunderbird ?
and its free

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