New Theory Cracks Open the Black Box of Deep Neural Networks

Even as machines known as “deep neural networks” have learned to converse, drive cars, beat video games and Go champions, dream, paint pictures and help make scientific discoveries, they have also confounded their human creators, who never expected so-called “deep-learning” algorithms to work so well. No underlying principle has guided the design of these learning […] Read more »

Tech Firms Open to Changing Law to Combat Sex Trafficking

No origin story of the internet would be complete without mentioning one of its legal pillars: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, a 21-year-old law that shields tech companies from liability for content posted by users. Silicon Valley has long argued that any change to the law would hamper free speech and destroy the […] Read more »

Q&A: How to remove Open Cloud AV?

Question by Phoenix: How to remove Open Cloud AV? I asked about this yesterday and it’s only got worse. The program doesn’t allow me to run malwarebytes which the bleepingcomputer article recommends.Someone who answered my question claiming to be from that site suggested combofix which I did run in safe mode but it only shows […] Read more »

What do i need to learn to make my own open source photoshop like program?

Question by SoBeIt(3rdaccount): What do i need to learn to make my own open source photoshop like program? i have only introductory knowledge of c++ and understanding of most ideas in programming. But i really lack any skills, what i am looking to instead is gather a community and build a photoshop like tool. Can […] Read more »