This Game of Thrones Fan Film May Be the Only Prequel We Need

As George R.R. Martin and HBO try to figure out which (and how many!) of the five Game of Thrones spin-offs they’re working on a small group of indie filmmaker in Belfast have taken it upon themselves to make their own prequel, titled “The Wild Wolf,” a short depicting Ned’s doomed brother Brandon Stark and Catelyn…

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You can set your Facebook ad preferences to only cheese puffs (so why haven’t you?)

Love it or hate it, Facebook ads are here to stay and they’re part of how you’re able to use the social network and its accompanying apps for free. Since we have to live with them, at least we can try to enjoy them. There’s a two-level fun to this process: First, you’ll want to log into Facebook and go to your Ad Preferences setting. You should see a list of things Facebook think you’re interested in based on your internet habits. Before you edit anything, stop here and check out all the weird things Facebook thinks you dig. There should be a lot…

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Oculus Rift made me realize I only want to play games in virtual reality

I’m too disorganized for real-time strategy. I’ve had my fill of fast-paced flight games. I’d don’t want to play another minigame collection ever again.

But I’ve found that I love all of these games in virtual reality, and it’s not just about novelty.

On Monday, Oculus VR held an event as part of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to show off the roster of games coming to the Rift head-mounted display, and by the end of the day I realized that I was enjoying nearly everything I tried. That includes games I’ve played before on other platforms and didn’t really care for. Analysts with tech adviser Digi-Capital think VR is going to grow into a $ 30 billion industry by 2020, and it’s easier to imagine that reality knowing that I want sports sims, role-playing games, and everything else in the Rift.

I tried out a variety of Oculus Rift games as part of the company’s event. I did VR Sports, where I used the Touch motion controllers to throw a basketball behind my back and over my shoulder while going up for a dunk in slow motion. That’s a unique “experience” that I haven’t had in any other game, and it’s one that I can’t wait to try with my friends and family. But I already knew that novel new ways of gaming is a big selling point for VR.

What surprised me more than VR Sports is a the game AirMech: Command, which is a continuation of the AirMech game that first came out for PC back in 2012.

AirMech is a third-person arena battler. It is essentially an action real-time strategy game that forces you to manage troops around a map while also flying your own mech around. I tried the original game a few years ago, and I appreciated what it was trying to do. But I also bounced off that iteration for the same reason I fall off of most RTS releases: I have a hard time managing the map. In a lot of RTS games, AirMech included, you only ever see a small portion of the map at a time. For me, it’s hard to keep the off-screen parts of the map in my head. And that’s not a skill I’ve wanted to spend a lot of time developing.

But Airmech in VR is completely different in this regard. Instead of having narrow tunnel vision, the Rift version makes it feel like you are playing a dynamic tabletop game. The board sprawls out in front of you, and you can see more things at once. I can navigate a board game with no problems because it’s part of the real world. And thanks to Rift, AirMech: Command might as well be a part of the real world. It amazed me how fast AirMech clicked with me thanks to this more intimate perspective.

I only got to play it for around 30 minutes, but this is a day-one purchase for me. I can’t wait to lose hours to this game, which takes advantage of VR in an unexpected way.

Like AirMech, Crytek’s The Climb uses the Xbox One controller as its primary input device. That’s interesting because The Climb is a game about using your hands to scale a mountain. You’d think this would make it ideal for the Rift’s Touch controller, and it’s possible that Crytek will implement that in the future. But playing it with a gamepad emphasized again how interesting VR can make everything. The Climb is something that I think I would enjoy even on a monitor or television. It is a series of environmental puzzles where you need to figure out where to put your hands while ensuring you are always gripping to the wall by holding down a trigger button. It’s clever, and it has a lot of potential for racing against your friends’ times.

But playing The Climb had me jazzed. It was another game I just wanted to keep playing for hours. It was so much to make a difficult jump and then look down to see how far I would’ve fallen had I missed. But it also makes the moment-to-moment gameplay more immediate and interesting. I really remember feeling like I was hugging the side of that mountain, and I was leaning my head around to see what my options were for my next hand placement.

After getting time with AirMech and The Climb, I am imagining getting other games I would typically play on a console in VR. I’d love something like a 16-bit Japanese RPG where I can play the game from in third-person and see all of the awesome spells happening, like I they were happening right down in front of me — and I’ve never finished a JRPG in my life.

And I think it’s important to realize that VR isn’t about 15 minute “experiences.” It is about breathing new life into older genres. That’s something we’re getting when it comes to the Rift launch platformer Lucky’s Tale, but I hope we get even more because I can already tell that I’ll struggle to return to a 2D static screen after playing VR.

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Q&A: Network admins only. Do you think cloud computing is real or just a catch phrase?

Question by identity: Network admins only. Do you think cloud computing is real or just a catch phrase?
give reason why?
is this the future or just something more to the daily aspects of a administrator.

Best answer:

Answer by John S
I think its potential, but right now no cloud computing isnt “real”.

Give it 5 years and serious investment and it could be a serious technology with major use potential.

but right now, im just not convinced sadly.

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Q&A: I need Cloud Computing Storage information (Only simple name stuff, not a big explanation)?

Question by Max: I need Cloud Computing Storage information (Only simple name stuff, not a big explanation)?
I need to know the name of the folder that is in out computer (such as drop box has a folder inside a computer). And how to synchronize the files (Methods stuff). If, I need to have a sample code or architecture of cloud storage that can be used anywhere in the world…(like drop box)

Best answer:

Answer by Xanza

That’s what you’re looking for. I’ve been using it as a backup solution for quite a while, and it’s very dependable.

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Is this good had my AQA english language. I described for only like 2 pages is it good? What did you do?

Question by ?j?O?s?H??:D??ARSENAL!?: Is this good had my AQA english language. I described for only like 2 pages is it good? What did you do?
I did the describe i did a bus journey i described the whole look of the bus like blood red city bus and how battered it was for like a few lines then described me entering going the raised platform finding my perch on the upper deck. I personified the chairs and described them. This was for like a paragraph it was only after i started describing the journey like what was on the way and stuff. Then i just personified it again saying how the bus heaved and squealed as it turned the bend. then the bus being filled with people scurrying up the to the upper deck, then the bus service resumed and a dirty vagrant came to sit next to me. Described him 4 some time like his attire smell touched on the 5 senses, then about how it started too rain personified the rain and clouds and stuff then just description of what i saw from the window. From the window i talked about like i saw a construction site people drilling against the uprooted earth and grass freshly cut and them standing up in attention and buildings etc.

Ahh i did loads and even more but this is long enough already i did like 2 pages on this. Do you think its gd i used all the punctuation types i left the exam thinking i didnt do as well because i didnt finish it. Did anyone finish the description? I didnt finish the description in the mocks only did a page and got an A so do you have to finish to acquire good marks?

What did you do loads of ppl did the train and what was your storyline for your journey i just want to compare?

Best answer:

Answer by Miss Dee-Louise
for section B, i did the first question where you had to write a magazine article informing people about something that concerns you. i wrote an article informing people on the importance of sponsoring a child. i thought that one went really well. hopefully it will have brought my mark up a lot more. i wrote 3 pages with loads of facts and persuasive and poetic device techniques. i was advised against doing an inform question because it can be diffiuclt to write enough as you dont always know enough to get the good marks. luckily for me ive been studying this topic for a while now as im convincing my mum to help me get the money to sponsor a child. i think it went really well. i was so proud of myself lol.


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