Placentas Are Amazing Organs, and We’re Learning That They Do So Much More Than Simply Manage the Mo

Placentas are amazing organs, and we’re learning that they do so much more than simply manage the movement of nutrients and wastes between mother and fetus. In this month’s issue of The Scientist, placenta expert Christopher Coe explains its other roles, including hormonal regulation, iron storage, and immune system training. Read more… All articles Read more »

Q&A: More Math Questions Please Answer and Show Work Much Appreaciated :D?

by COSCUP Question by lee3444: more math questions please answer and show work much appreaciated :D? 1.a rocket flies off course for 45 degrees how far from correct path is it 6meter ladder leaning against a wall angle formed is 25 degrees 2. how far is the base off the ladder from the wall how […] Read more »