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If you’re going to market a business, an event, or an initiative online, you need to know how the game is played in the age of digital media. From social networks to SEO challenges to hyper-specialized Internet marketing campaigns, you need to be fully versed in how and where your prospective customers are making their buying decisions. With the double-barreled Digital Media and Public Relations course bundle (available now for only $ 19 — over 90 percent off — from TNW Deals), you’ll be on your way to understanding and using the immense power of digital marketing. With Internet Marketing Fundamentals,…

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How Marketers Can Survive the Caprices of Search and Social Media

How Marketers Can Survive the Caprices of Search and Social Media

Search and social algorithms go under such constant and unpredictable changes that long-term planning becomes a useless and wasteful process.  Take Google as an example. When it decided to cache all email images on its servers, marketers running emails with dynamic content that “refreshes” found themselves out of luck.

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Q&A: suggestions/help on how to make a media server?

Question by SK: suggestions/help on how to make a media server?
I have a computer that I plan on putting all my old hdds in and turning into an always on media server, similar to the cloud services (but without a monthly fee) in that I can play my movies and music from this computer remotely on other devices. I know there are a few programs out there, would you suggest buying one of them? does anyone have a guide on how to set it up in windows 7 without a program? how hard is it? If you think its not worth the trouble, what program would you suggest? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Diesel
If you have Win 7 on both machines you can set up a homegroup. Here is the guide:

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Q&A: PS3 and Media Server help!?

cloud servers
by acroll

Question by Javier: PS3 and Media Server help!?
Every time I start my PS3, I don’t have any media servers. Sometimes I get lucky and am able to find my computer on it, but most times it says “No Media Servers found”. How can I keep my PS3 and computer connected permanently so I don’t have to keep going through this malarkey!

Step by step instructions please. Most answers I get to my questions are not very detailed, and I don’t know why after I post this, it will not let me add anything more, or even post a comment asking for more detailed instructions.. Thanks!

I am running Vista x64. Have Norton 360 & Firewall, Windows Defender, Panda Cloud and Tune-Up Utilities 2011. I have my PS3 connected through Wifi (don’t know if that helps any). It’s a CECH-2501A 160GB Slim.

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Answer by Evan
PC has to be on?
Make sure you keep the Wifi signal strong?
Try different software.Windows Media Player or Tversity IMO.

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THQ CEO: Future Consoles Will Ditch Physical Media

Cloud Computing Summit Brasil 2010 10/08/10
cloud computing
Image by rafaeldesigner
O Cloud Computing Summit Brasil é um evento com participação dos principais players do mercado mundial que abordarão tendências do Cloud Computing e seu impacto sobre o mercado de TI e negócios.


THQ CEO: Future Consoles Will Ditch Physical Media
Instead, they'll use cloud computing; not ironically, Farrell was talking at this week's Cloud Gaming USA Conference. He says the disappearance of discs will save money throughout the industry; the hardware would be cheaper, and developers and
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Asia Cloud Report Offers Benchmarks, No Surprises
A new 14-nation survey within Asia, called the Cloud Readiness Index and published by the Hong Kong-based Asia Cloud Computing Association (Asia Cloud), shows the developed nations in the region topping the survey results and the less developed nations
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Question by : Which one of these canadian cities is best to start a cloud Computing company?
I want to start a cloud computing company in Canada but i don’t know which city to start it in Toronto or Vancouver?

Toronto has a large population its the largest city in Canada it is its Economic capital its close to other world cities like NY but its not known for Tech companies

Vancouver is known for its Tech companies but it doesn’t have a huge population and its and isolated city but its relatively close to Huge tech centres in the US

Best answer:

Answer by alicialions
Where do you live?

I would say Toronto because of the huge population and room for growth. Think about it…Vancouver may be more known for its tech companies, but it is innumdated. Toronto allows you to be a major player in a yet to boom area.

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