4 Best Practices to Maintain Restaurant Compliance with US Labor Laws…

Learn 4 best practices to maintain restaurant labor law compliance and avoid costly penalties from Ctuit Software employee and restaurant industry expert, Amanda Wilkening.

(PRWeb December 28, 2016)

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The San Francisco Labor Law Lawyers At Blumenthal, Nordrehaug, &…

The class action complaint alleges that Trius Trucking failed to pay proper minimum wages and failed to provide the legally required off-duty meal and rest breaks to their Golden State truck drivers.

(PRWeb June 01, 2016)

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Nepal-based startup opens Cloud Labor platform

Platform In The Clouds
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Nepal-based startup opens Cloud Labor platform
KATHMANDU: With an aim to create work opportunities for people in developing nations and fighting poverty, CloudFactory, a Kathmandu-based startup, has launched an innovative Cloud Labor platform at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2011 in San Francisco of
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Cloud Foundry Makes Good Progress
Cloud Foundry is attracting a solid base of partners, who are adding value and are packaging the PaaS project for deployment in various forms. The point of platform as a service is to enable developers to focus solely on their application code and data
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Bug Labs' BugSwarm counts Ford among app-building customers
By Michelle Maisto Bug Labs' cloud-based BugSwarm service can offer app developers databases of information collected from thousands of Web-enabled devices. Ford is already on board. Bug Labs today introduced BugSwarm, a cloud-based service for
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Question by lawls: What video streaming platforms can I integrate to my website?
I want to integrate a 2 way video chat service on my website.
Are there peer-to-peer options so I don’t have heavy streaming?

I know their are rumors about a Skype Cloud API coming out soon.. are there any alternatives?

Best answer:

Answer by juliepelletier
Of course you could simply provide the user front-end with connection information from your web site so the connection is done directly between them.

This will take very little bandwidth but is less secure for the users.

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