Hackers Turn Square Hardware Into Device to Steal Old Credit Card Information

Just because the Square Reader is new doesn’t mean it isn’t susceptible to the same scams as old school ATMs and credit card readers. Three recent Boston University graduates are preparing to publicly present research that demonstrates how to hack Square’s mobile payments hardware. The research is set to be shown off at the The […] Read more »

Had a Dream Involving Me Falling Into Water With a Great White Shark?

by NotoriousJEN Question by Vincent Van Gogh: Had a dream involving me falling into water with a great white shark? anyone know what this means… I was on a pontoon (you know those platforms which are ontop of water where people park their boats) anyway it was a grey dark day with storm clouds. There […] Read more »

Can I Host My PHP Based Websites Into Could Servers ?

by sellyourseoul Question by priyaank: Can i Host my PHP Based Websites into Could Servers ? I want to Host my Website into cloud server . is it possible ? like Amazon EC2 Best answer: Answer by RajaYes. You host your php application/website on could server. I’ve already worked with rackspace.com could server. Add your […] Read more »

Q&A: What Would You Do With a Data Center That Is Nearly Empty? It Is Right at MAE-WEST With OC48’s Into It.?

Question by Nathan B: What would you do with a Data Center that is nearly empty? It is right at MAE-WEST with OC48’s into it.? Not many servers their… Some find of virtual cloud for an application or host some servers for a large application for a company? Party is a good idea, but you […] Read more »