Ivanka Trump's Punk Phase and Ted Cruz's Tweeting Top This Week's Internet News

Following a week in which Twitter announced a schedule to try and make the platform less awful and the Scaramucci Post seemed hellbent on proving all of its critics right, it’s important to take a moment to think about what’s really important in life. https://twitter.com/catsu/status/921067333262725121 Please remember @catsu as you explore the mixed bag of […] Read more »

Tanium CEO’s Refreshingly Honest Take on the State of Internet Security

This is your Cyber Saturday edition of Fortune’s tech newsletter for October 7, 2017. On Tuesday, the wood-smoke air of California’s wildfires descended on the Bay Area as cybersecurity professionals gathered at the Palace Hotel for an industry event. I spent the morning interviewing Orion Hindawi, CEO of Tanium, the world’s highest privately valued cyber […] Read more »

Nintendo’s new mini-NES will never get more games or connect to the internet

If you’re excited about the mini NES Nintendo announced today, you’re 100 percent not alone. But your excitement may be shortlived, as the console is going to be severely limited. Speaking to Kotaku, Nintendo confirms that there will never be an upgrade to the NES mini, nor will it ever receive more games: The console […] Read more »

Mexico’s Entire Voter Database Was Leaked to the Internet

A database containing the personal information of millions Mexican voters was discovered online by a security researcher earlier this month on an unprotected server. The discovery represents a major breach in private information for upwards of 87 million Mexican voters. Read more… Uncategorized All articles Read more »

Q&A: My internet is running weirdly and hardly working, help?

Question by jonB: My internet is running weirdly and hardly working, help? For the past few days my internet has been running really weirdly. It’s been running very slowly, keeps freezing, I have to try many times for a website to work. When I click on a website it sometimes diverts me to other random […] Read more »

Does anyone know of a PC (not a laptop) that is just for surfing the internet?

Question by Retrocowboy: Does anyone know of a PC (not a laptop) that is just for surfing the internet? Looking for 10 pc’s that are simply for cloud computing so everything is stored online. I was think a server but I want to keep it a cheap as possible. A netbook might be one idea […] Read more »