Hackers Turn Square Hardware Into Device to Steal Old Credit Card Information

Just because the Square Reader is new doesn’t mean it isn’t susceptible to the same scams as old school ATMs and credit card readers. Three recent Boston University graduates are preparing to publicly present research that demonstrates how to hack Square’s mobile payments hardware. The research is set to be shown off at the The […] Read more »

Q&A: I Need Cloud Computing Storage Information (Only Simple Name Stuff, Not a Big Explanation)?

Question by Max: I need Cloud Computing Storage information (Only simple name stuff, not a big explanation)? I need to know the name of the folder that is in out computer (such as drop box has a folder inside a computer). And how to synchronize the files (Methods stuff). If, I need to have a […] Read more »

What Does the Term “cloud” Refer to When Speaking of Information Technology? Simply a Server System?

Question by table data: What does the term “cloud” refer to when speaking of information technology? Simply a server system? The term is also used somewhat ambiguously in the AV (Audio/Visual) industry. “Cloud” is also mentioned when referring to IT solutions. Best answer: Answer by jdsheth2004Pl. read: Does each blog channel have its own cloud? […] Read more »

–Asia Leads Commitment to Bolster Information Security –Rise of Cloud

–Asia leads commitment to bolster information security –Rise of cloud … According to the survey, the rise of cloud computing has improved but also complicated the security landscape. More than four out of ten respondents report that their organization uses cloud computing: 69 percent for software-as-a-service, … Read more on MarketWatch (press release) Cloud Computing: […] Read more »