A 13% Yield, Industry Turnaround, And Upside Potential For This Pure-Play LP

Have you ever had to grit your teeth and “hang in there” while one of your holdings works through an industry trough? That’s where we’ve been at with USA Compression Partners LP (USAC) for the past few quarters. As US drilling declined and picked back up, USAC, the leading US pure play compression company, has […] Read more »

The tech industry, according to Trump

Despite having never held public office (nor, perhaps, a computer mouse?), Republican front-runner Donald Trump has been happy to share his views on technology. Although Trump appears to be completely out of touch at times, his position on immigration reform, Net Neutrality, mass surveillance, major tech corporations, and cyber warfare hold weight with a significant portion of […] Read more »

Mobile Software Computing: Mobile Industry on Cloud – What is Cloud Computing?

by rafaeldesigner Lately, Cloud Computing was in the gossip news as two technology leaders, HP and Dell, were warring it out to buy a cloud computing company. So, what exactly is Cloud Computing? The hottest wave in the world of technology is the growth of Cloud Computing. While many technologically advanced people are aware of […] Read more »

Cloud Hosting Services – An Innovation and Paradigm to the Industry Verticals

by televiseus Cloud Hosting has been creating a lot of waves around and all the major hosting industry player are getting geared up to get their hands into this huge market. It is rapidly being adopted by large businesses, mid-sized businesses, as well as SOHOs. Moving to the cloud proves to help as it dramatically […] Read more »