BlueBolt, Inc. to Host Live Webinar on Best Practices for Enterprise…

BlueBolt, Inc., a marketing agency with a broad-range of service offerings that center around optimizing the customer experience for BlueBolt’s clients, announced today that it will host a live,…

(PRWeb September 09, 2016)

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BBBT to Host Webinar from Sisense on Simplifying Business Analytics…

This Friday, the Boulder Business Intelligence Brain Trust (BBBT), the largest industry analyst consortium of its kind, will host a private webinar from Sisense on its innovative Single Stack™ and…

(PRWeb June 22, 2016)

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I’m Mike Rowe, Host of Somebody’s Gotta Do It, and This Is How I Work

For years Mike Rowe has been traveling across the country to meet people whose laborious, often thankless work keeps the world moving forward. And across different shows and different television networks, what has remained consistent is Mike’s sincere curiosity and willingness to learn.

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Q&A: What are the steps to becoming a t.v host?

Question by LADy_L =): What are the steps to becoming a t.v host?
This is my last year of highschool and I’ve always wanted to be a t.v host for shows like entertainment tonight or TRL. I know I have some big dreams and everyone keeps telling me to get my head out of the clouds but this is the only thing i could imagine myself doing. I know that i cant just graduate from college and expect to get a job like that but what are the steps i need to take and what courses should i take in college?

Best answer:

Answer by Beautiful_Mind

If you love talking, are opinionated and has a charming personality, being a talk show host is most likely an excellent choice. You can talk about any issue that you’re passionate about and have celebrities and VIPs as your guests.

Over time, you are most likely considered as a member of the “celebrity society” as well. Look at that Mississippi small town girl who is now one of the most influential people of our lifetime (Oprah Winfrey). She started without anybody knowing anything about her, and yet, she succeeded against all odds and beyond her wildest dreams.

Of course, there is only one Oprah, but there are tons of small town radio and TV talk show hosts. Just listen to a local radio or watch a local public TV station. There must be at least a few who are among the rank of “local celebrities.” Now multiply that number to hundreds or even thousands of small and medium-sized towns around the world.

Contrary to popular belief, talk show hosts don’t need to live in first-class entertainment cities, such as Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. That’s the beauty of this profession. You can start in any city (or town) and from anywhere.

Anywhere? Yes, even from your own bedroom, if you have the necessary equipments, such as the computer software specifically designed for Internet-based radio shows (podcast or webcast). If it’s not your cup of tea, you can also purchase some airtime at a local radio station and start from there. Many successful talk show hosts purchased airtime for their show before they became famous.

If you’re concerned about funding the airtime, consider accepting commercials from local businesses. You can also mention some businesses’ events and be paid for those brief announcements. There is no limit on how much to charge either (but it’s always recommended to be reasonable).

If it sounds too good to be true, well, not really. Once you have access to airtime, you need to keep yourself updated of the latest happenings and trends in the chosen field. For instance, if you choose to become a sports show host, you’ll need to know the latest scores and world or team records, for instance. Another example, if you choose to become a parenting show host, you’ll need to know the latest findings about children’s learning styles and ADD medications.

The key is choosing a topic that you’re familiar and comfortable with talking about as well as exciting enough for you to keep yourself updated of the latest trends and happenings. Also make sure that there are a sufficient number of guests whom you can interview.

Talk show guests are an important part of the success of the talk show, so make sure to cultivate and maintain your contacts. They don’t need to be household names, as long as they are credible sources in their field, they should be qualified to be interviewed.

Today, being a talk show host is much easier than before. With sufficient preparation on what you’re going to encounter, you should be able to break into and succeed in this growing field with confidence. Breaking Into and Succeeding as a Talk Show Host contains most, if not all, the information needed to secure your first talk show airtime.

Once you have established yourself as a talk show host, our eGuide also contains information on how to take your career to the next level:

Syndicating locally

Syndicating nationwide

Syndicating internationally

Starting your own production house

Other professions to consider (just in case)

Do you know that in the United States, there are:

800 TV sets per 1,000 people?

550 computers per 1,000 people?

1,500 TV stations?

10,000 TV channels?

25% of population subscribe to cable TV?

77% of population subscribe to Pay TV?

5000 AM radio stations?

10,000 FM radio stations?

On average, people listen to radios 3 hours per day?

On average, people watch TV shows 2 hours per day?

These numbers show how big the TV and radio markets are. Most likely, in the not-so-distant future, Internet-based TV and radio stations will be changing the landscape of the market. Are you ready for the next wave in broadcasting ([podcasting and webcasting)?

More than ever before, anybody who can talk clearly, think independently, opinionated and has a personable personality has the potential of becoming a talk show host. The key is knowing where to start and how to launch your career with confidence.

Editor-in-Chief Jennie S. Bev, co-author Valeria W. Barber and their research team have talked to several talk show hosts (both TV and radio), to provide you with the best and the most comprehensive self-study guidebook filled with insider information, tips and advice for breaking into and succeeding as a talk show host.

Among them are:

A public TV talk show host

A radio talk show host who purchased airtime

Radio talk show hosts who talk about empowerment, men’s perspectives, celebrities, politics and business

A radio talk show host who is currently producing her pilot TV talk show

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who else thought for 1 second sting was the host for wrestlemania?

Question by : who else thought for 1 second sting was the host for wrestlemania?
I kknow it would make no sense but when all the lights went out and clouds where on the titantron and stage it got me thinking it was him for some reason!

Best answer:

Answer by Stop, Pelvic Thrust Time!
same here!!

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Best Place to Upload Host and Embed Commerical Video Content?

Question by : Best Place to Upload Host and Embed Commerical Video Content?
Looking to upload many videos, some as long at 2hrs, 30min – some as short as 5 min. They are commercial in nature, so Vimeo is out. What are my options – does Microsoft’s new cloud have this ability and the ability to embed into our website – Yes or No – Are there other options?

Best answer:

Answer by Justin
Cloud storage sounds like your best bet. At 2.5 hours, your looking at quite a large file, and that’s not really appropriate for youtube.

Where is the best? Well, start with whomever your get your website hosting from. This won’t be free.

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Can i Host my PHP Based Websites into Could Servers ?

Question by priyaank: Can i Host my PHP Based Websites into Could Servers ?
I want to Host my Website into cloud server . is it possible ? like Amazon EC2

Best answer:

Answer by Raja
Yes. You host your php application/website on could server. I’ve already worked with could server.

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