Best Place to Upload Host and Embed Commerical Video Content?

Question by : Best Place to Upload Host and Embed Commerical Video Content? Looking to upload many videos, some as long at 2hrs, 30min – some as short as 5 min. They are commercial in nature, so Vimeo is out. What are my options – does Microsoft’s new cloud have this ability and the ability […] Read more »

Can I Host My PHP Based Websites Into Could Servers ?

by sellyourseoul Question by priyaank: Can i Host my PHP Based Websites into Could Servers ? I want to Host my Website into cloud server . is it possible ? like Amazon EC2 Best answer: Answer by RajaYes. You host your php application/website on could server. I’ve already worked with could server. Add your […] Read more »

Web Host Amazon Web Services Receives FISMA Moderate Accreditation

Glencoe Sunset 1 Image by 0olong Some old pictures from the Highlands. My web site just imploded without warning last week – my ISP tells me their files got corrupted, and I need to restore from local backup. This is a nightmare because, among other reasons, I have more files in my local backups than […] Read more »

Host Process for Windows Services Stopped Working and Was Closed, HELP?

Question by ahnawaren16: host process for windows services stopped working and was closed, HELP? After running for about 30~ minutes this error comes up and then my internet stops working. I am connected through verizon’s fivespot device, WWAN not the wireless mode. It seems to be connected to the “broadcom netlink gigabit ethernet” thing, Found […] Read more »

What Is the Difference Between a Web Host Like Joyent and a Basic Hosting Company Like GoDaddy?

Question by PJ: What is the difference between a web host like Joyent and a basic hosting company like GoDaddy? I’m trying to figure out which company to use for hosting the database that will be required for my small business. The business helps clients crunch certain information using a database (likely written in php). […] Read more »

How Cloud Servers a Cloud Host Can Help Your Business Web Site

by JerryKnight The latest in the wide array of networking choices for businesses and individuals to choose from are cloud servers. Many are jumping on board the “cloud server bandwagon”, as many see this the way of the networking future. By purchasing cloud server hosting solutions, your business can decrease capital output costs, and get […] Read more »