Hackers Turn Square Hardware Into Device to Steal Old Credit Card Information

Just because the Square Reader is new doesn’t mean it isn’t susceptible to the same scams as old school ATMs and credit card readers. Three recent Boston University graduates are preparing to publicly present research that demonstrates how to hack Square’s mobile payments hardware. The research is set to be shown off at the The […] Read more »

Hardware Specs for a Cloud Computing OS?

Question by racecar: hardware specs for a cloud computing OS? I can’t find any specifics on this. I’m assuming you will need a more powerful processor? can someone give me specific models or specs like minimum memory necessary, RAM, etc? Best answer: Answer by ColanthYou’ll need a less powerful processor, because the work is done […] Read more »

What Is Cloud Computing? Do We Need Any Specific Hardware ? What Is Its Origin?

Question by shilpa g: What is cloud computing? Do we need any specific hardware ? what is its origin? cloud computing is very new concept in the world of computers. but what it really is? how does it help in processing the huge data produced in Large Hadron Collider Best answer: Answer by kevinIt means […] Read more »

Q&A: Please Help, Which Type of Hardware or Software System Is Used in Cloud Computing?

by rafaeldesigner Question by Radicular: Please help, which type of hardware or software system is used in cloud computing? I’m not even sure if there is a hardware system. I think there’s only a software system. But which type of system is used for the hardware/software in cloud computing. I also think maybe there are […] Read more »