What Are Some Good Broadway or Classical Songs to Sing for a Talent Competition for Sopranos?

by Dell’s Official Flickr Page Question by Amber: what are some good broadway or classical songs to sing for a talent competition for sopranos? I participate in ALOT of talent shows and im really stuck on what to sing for one coming up! I would love to get some ideas on broadway or classical songs. […] Read more »

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying: Good Monologue and Song for Smitty?

Question by ZoyatheDestroya: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying: Good monologue and song for Smitty? Smitty plays as the girls main characters best friend. She has a bit of a low voice. Her personality is cynical but big-hearted. Her tone is Mezzo 20s-40s Best answer: Answer by Theater DorkHere are some great FEMALE […] Read more »

Q&A: I Want to Audition for the Role of Hope Harcourt. What Is a Good Audition Piece?

by Dell’s Official Flickr Page Question by Amber Hall: I want to audition for the role of Hope Harcourt. what is a good audition piece? I would prefer it to be by Cole Porter and on the upbeat side please. I know I have some stiff competition and I’ve never been through an audition process […] Read more »

Q&A: What Are Some Good Soprano Song for Musical Theatre?

by Dell’s Official Flickr Page Question by Caitlin: What are some good soprano song for musical theatre? I’m working on auditioning for the Musical Theatre program at the college, so I need some more song ideas. I need to have 1 up-tempo and/or comedic song and 1 slow song/ballad. I’m here to see if you […] Read more »

Is This Good Had My AQA English Language. I Described for Only Like 2 Pages Is It Good? What Did You Do?

Question by ?j?O?s?H??:D??ARSENAL!?: Is this good had my AQA english language. I described for only like 2 pages is it good? What did you do? I did the describe i did a bus journey i described the whole look of the bus like blood red city bus and how battered it was for like a […] Read more »

Please Give Me a Good Definition of Cloud Computing?

by Jonathas Rodrigues Question by : please give me a good definition of cloud computing? 1 or 2 sentence. my own definition is: could computing is internet based computing, where the services and storage are provide by the internet. Best answer: Answer by Dr. FreemanThe definition Cloud Computing is actually can’t be limited to 1/2 […] Read more »

Is This a Good Deck for Yugioh Tounaments?

by xoque Question by Jake A: Is this a good deck for yugioh tounaments? Dark Magician Umbral Soul Cave Dragon Ancient Telescope Judge Man Mystic Probe B.E.S. Crystal Core Ultimate Offering Heavy Mech Support Platform Toon Gemini Elf Chthonian Alliance Fissure Dark Blade Luster Dragon #2 Harpie’s Brother Change Of Heart An Unfortunate Report Draining […] Read more »