Riot Games Esports Co-Head Talks ‘League of Legends’ 2017 World Championship

The world’s top competitive video gamers are facing off in China over the next few weeks for the League of Legends 2017 World Championship, one of the premier tournaments in the fast-growing world of esports. Hosted by Riot Games, the company that makes the popular League of Legends (LoL) online game, the tournament’s early rounds […] Read more »

The new trailer for No Man’s Sky is making me impatient for the game’s release

Sure, Pokémon Go is the only game people want to play right now. But come August 9, the world will have another incredible title to obsess over. No Man’s Sky, developed by indie studio Hello Games, is a procedurally generated survival adventure set in space, that will see players explore 18 quintillion planets in an […] Read more »

Nintendo’s new mini-NES will never get more games or connect to the internet

If you’re excited about the mini NES Nintendo announced today, you’re 100 percent not alone. But your excitement may be shortlived, as the console is going to be severely limited. Speaking to Kotaku, Nintendo confirms that there will never be an upgrade to the NES mini, nor will it ever receive more games: The console […] Read more »

Oculus Rift made me realize I only want to play games in virtual reality

I’m too disorganized for real-time strategy. I’ve had my fill of fast-paced flight games. I’d don’t want to play another minigame collection ever again. But I’ve found that I love all of these games in virtual reality, and it’s not just about novelty. On Monday, Oculus VR held an event as part of the Game Developers […] Read more »

Epic Games reveals Oculus Rift shooter Bullet Train

First-person shooting is about to get a lot more realistic. Developer Epic Games revealed Bullet Train today, an FPS for the Oculus Rift virtual reality device, during the Oculus Connect 2 conference in Los Angeles. Made with Unreal Engine 4, this game supports the Oculus Touch controllers, which can map the movements of your hands […] Read more »

What are the names of these games?

Question by : What are the names of these games? Hi! A long time ago I used to have a computer like this but then it got upgraded when it got like a virus on it; And now, I have a laptop and that computer doesn’t work anymore. I used to play some of […] Read more »

list of old ps2 games?

Question by Ell W: list of old ps2 games? i had a demo disk ages ago that had a demo of dark cloud and a video to jak and daxter and it had a demo to a game and the only think i remeber about it was a waterfall type thing and kind of platform […] Read more »

why cant you play graphic intensive games online?

Question by abhinav: why cant you play graphic intensive games online? Games like Crysis, Call Of Duty require powerful graphics, why cant they be hosted online with users connecting to play from anywhere. Isn’t it a logical extension of cloud computing, or are internet connections not fast enough yet? Best answer: Answer by David DThe […] Read more »