Former FireEye CEO joins cyber venture fund Allegis

(Reuters) – Technology executive Dave DeWalt has joined early-stage cyber-security venture capital firm Allegis Capital as a managing director, the fund said on Thursday, as it looks to invest more in companies closer to going public.

President and CEO of McAfee Dave DeWalt takes part in a panel titled “Cybercriminology: Why is it so tought to catch the online terrorists, crooks and other evil doers” at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Pasadena, California July 24, 2009. REUTERS/Fred Prouser

With the appointment DeWalt, a former CEO of FireEye Inc (FEYE.O) and McAfee before it was acquired by Intel Corp (INTC.O), is moving directly into the world of venture capital after years of running companies.

“His experience, and the networks that come with it, will be a tremendous asset to our firm and our portfolio companies as they grow from solution innovators to market leaders,” Allegis founder Bob Ackerman said in a statement.

Allegis is looking to raise between $ 200 million and $ 400 million to invest in series C funding rounds, a source with knowledge of the plans said. Such rounds typically involve the last private cash injected into a company before it goes public.

San Francisco-based Allegis also said it would change its name to AllegisCyber and open an office in the Washington area to tap into the region’s high density of cyber engineers and robust investment opportunities.

Allegis said that DeWalt had previously consulted on several investments, including a stake they took in Callsign, where DeWalt sits on the board.

DeWalt has this year joined the boards of a string of cyber security companies including ForgeRock, Optiv, Phantom and Claroty. He has sat on the board of Delta Air Lines Inc (DAL.N) since late 2011.

Allegis’ existing cyber security investments include Area 1, Bracket Computing, CyberGRX, E8 Security, Shape Security, Signifyd, Synack, and vArmour.

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Uber's Kalanick says he appoints former Xerox, Merrill bosses to board

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] co-founder Travis Kalanick on Friday said he had appointed two new board members, challenging Uber shareholders who have asked a court to stop the former chief executive from naming directors.

Directors of the ride services company have been fighting over the future role of Kalanick, who was pressured to step down as CEO early this year in the wake of several company scandals.

Kalanick said in a statement he had appointed former Xerox Chief Executive Ursula Burns and former Merrill Lynch Chief Executive John Thain as directors in the face of proposals to dramatically restructure the board.

Investor Benchmark Capital filed a lawsuit in August to force Kalanick off the board and rescind his ability to fill three board seats, accusing him of concealing a range of misdeeds. Other Uber investors responded by asking Benchmark to divest its shares and step down from the board.

A Delaware judge later that month sent the Benchmark lawsuit to arbitration.

Uber and Benchmark did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Reporting By Liana B. Baker; Writing by Peter Henderson; Editing by David Gregorio

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Former Drake University basketball coach claims she was forced out for being gay

Courtney Graham says she was pushed out six months after head coach Jennie Baranczyk learned of her sexuality, which violates state anti-discrimination laws. Drake University denies the allegations, claiming a state panel already rejected Graham’s accusations.


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Former Apple Engineers Introduce ELWN, the World’s Best Earbuds…

ELWN FIT Earbuds launch on Kickstarter and answer the question – “How can I work, play, and live my active lifestyle without a thought about charging or adjusting my wireless earbuds?”

(PRWeb July 12, 2016)

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Former Vodafone boss backs India’s music-streaming service Saavn as it hits 18M users


Mumbai-based music-streaming service Saavn announced Thursday that former Vodafone chief executive Arun Sarin has joined as an investor and strategic advisor.

The news comes less than three months after the company announced $ 100 million in fresh funding. At the time, it said it was adding one million new users per month, with 14 million in total.

As of today, that number has grown to 18 million monthly active users, which it says represents a tenfold increase in daily active users in India since last year.

Beyond that, it’s claiming more than 20 million songs (over 250 million streams per month) and a global team of 145 people across five offices.

“Music streaming is a core app on today’s smartphones, and Saavn is superbly positioned to grow rapidly in the fast expanding smartphone market in India,” Sarin said in a statement.

“As an innovative and nimble music-streaming company, at the heart of one of the world’s most valuable markets, Saavn hits all the right notes,” he added.

Meanwhile, the company’s cofounder and chief executive, Rishi Malhotra, said that over 90 percent of the service’s usage is driven by smartphones, and that it plans to “work more deeply with carriers in India and additional territories” in the coming months.

Sarin’s investment amount was not disclosed.

The company’s most recent series C round in July was led by New York-based hedge fund Tiger Global Management, and at the time it said that it expects to hit 20 million users by the end of the year.

But while the service may be the market leader on its home turf in India, it certainly has its work cut out if it hopes to expand globally — an area in which Sarin’s expertise will no doubt help. That said, the company did not make any mention of expansion plans today.

In general, the music-streaming space has been busy.

Earlier this week, we reported that Deezer is planning an IPO later this year as the battle with rivals Spotify and Apple Music heats up. And Google Play Music continues to expand with its official entry into Japan a few weeks ago.

Microsoft’s Groove Music just announced support on Sonos speakers, and Spotify hasn’t managed to keep out of headlines either: On Wednesday it launched its new “Mix Mates” playlist generator to help friends find music they share in common. (We also heard rumors that Spotify will be supported on Google’s upcoming second-generation Chromecast.)

The announcements from Saavn today are encouraging, but it’s only just the beginning of the global music-streaming wars — and versus many of the other big players, its user numbers are still relatively low.

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Former NASA Space Shuttle & Mars Rover Engineers Invent a Smart…

New game changing technology, easy to install “smart device” will double the hot water output of any water heater. For home owners this means no more cold showers and endless hot water for…

(PRWeb September 24, 2015)

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Former NASA Space Shuttle & Mars Rover Engineers Invent a Smart…

New game changing technology, easy to install “smart device” will double the hot water output of any water heater. For home owners this means no more cold showers and endless hot water for…

(PRWeb September 24, 2015)

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Is this an accurate description of being an Independent or Fence Rider? I am a former Republican of 27 yrs. ?

cloud platform
by herbrm

Question by PM: Is this an accurate description of being an Independent or Fence Rider? I am a former Republican of 27 yrs. ?
Please be kind… I am looking for clarity here? Not trying to prove anything… Does this description fall into the Independent Party or any party you know?

20 Reasons Why I Am An Independent

I am an Independent Because…

General Observation
1. …I believe that both the Republican and Democratic Parties have many strengths as well as weaknesses. Furthermore, neither party’s political platform totally encompasses the ability, discernment and insights to tackle the diversity and range of issues in today’s American Culture…

Relationship of the Church to Politics
2. …I believe that the Christian faith should not be privatized (i.e. Christianity kept out of the public life)
3. …I believe that the Christian faith should not be politicized (i.e. Christianity used for political interests)
4. …I believe that the Church should be freed from ‘Coercive Secularism’ (i.e. the attempts to ban the church from the public square)
5. …I believe that the Church should not embrace ‘Religious Extremism’ (i.e. using the church to force policies upon society with spiritual bullying)
6. …I believe that the Church has become known more for what it is ‘against’ rather than what it is ‘for’ due to its recent involvement in politics over the last 3 decades. In other words, the church’s political activism has blurred, clouded and gotten in the way of the gospel.
7. …I believe that when you mix the Christian faith with politics, that you get politics
8. …the Church of Christ cannot be captive to any political party. The Church has its ‘citizenship’ in the City of God while at the same time living in the City of Man.

9. …I believe abortion & homosexuality are important moral issues of our time. However, I do not believe that these two issues alone adequately encompass all of society’s moral dilemmas
10. …I believe that poverty, peace & health concerns (i.e. the Worldwide Aids Epidemic) are important moral issues of our time. However, I do not believe that these three issues alone adequately encompass all of society’s moral dilemmas
11. …I believe that neither major political party can claim moral superiority or monopolize all of morality

Fiscal Issues
12. …I believe that we need a national fiscal policy that rewards those who work hard
13. …I believe we need a national fiscal policy that is compassionate to those that struggle (i.e. the least of these)

14. …I do not believe in a Pre-emptive War Strategy (i.e. Neoconservative Republican War Strategy)
15. …I do not believe in Pacifism (i.e. Aggressive-Progressive Democrat War Strategy)
16. …I believe in The Roman Catholic’s Just War Theory (i.e. Self-Defense, War at Last Resort, Etc…)

Foreign Policy
17. …I believe that a Foreign Policy founded upon isolation and silence never solves conflicts
18. …I believe that we need to have talks with unfriendly nations with certain preconditions set before hand
19. …I believe that we need to reinforce our border for national security while at the same time recognizing that illegal immigrants are God’s Children.

20. …I believe that Fox News is ‘Fair and Balanced’ in the context of a conservative worldview and that MSNBC gives a ‘Fuller Spectrum of News’ in the context of a liberal worldview.

Best answer:

Answer by common_sense
These are all pretty independent. I agree with every single one of those things, although I’m still a Republican. There are just a few things that make me lean a little bit right, no matter how moderate I am, that voids my status as an Independent.

You didn’t mention environmental issues, though. Democrats focus way too much on things like reducing carbon emissions when we should be focusing on alternative energy sources, and Republicans tend to be swayed too much by big business who neglect the detriments caused to the environment.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!