Do You Agree With the Statement That the Web Was the First Cloud Computing Platform?

Question by bleuflamenco: Do you agree with the statement that the Web was the first Cloud Computing Platform? Or am I missing something? As I see it, web sites were the first distributed, scalable, highly customizable platform on the internet. Email and stuff like IRC and FTP were huge, but they aren’t really platforms upon […] Read more »

First Snow, Will You Comment Please?

by Dell’s Official Flickr Page Question by 5 ft 7 Texas Heaven: First snow, will you comment please? Children cocooned in coats scarves and hats boast of winter thrills heads up, spinning, hosts for falling flakes from laden clouds gently landing on eyelids, limbs and outstretched tongues delighting, giggling. Crystallized rain unique each piece compounded […] Read more »

Q&A: Who Started Cloud Computing, I Heard That Design LLC First Started the Movement in 2005?

Question by : Who started cloud computing, I heard that design LLC first started the movement in 2005? Is that true or is their some other company that got cloud Computing started Best answer: Answer by CalCheck out the link below. Cloud Computing is a term that has been around for a long time and […] Read more »