Rackspace Raises The Price of Base Cloud Sites by 50%

Rackspace Raises The Price of Base Cloud Sites by 50%

Rackspace sent a notice to all current customers of the Rackspace Cloud service (formerly Mosso) about some changes to the pricing structure for their Rackspace Cloud service. The big change is a 50% increase in the base price for all new accounts. The old pricing had a base of $100/month and the new pricing has a base of $149/month. Current customers will remain at the previous $100/month pricing.

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VEXXHOST Reduces The Price of its enterprise VPS’s by 50%
VEXXHOST announced 50% discount on its three VPS plans, these enterprise hosting plans are using Citrix enterprise visualization system and using high performance multi processors technology with ECC ram and RAID 10 storge arrays. the prices of these vps are starting at $16.48 and bundled with a sufficient resources.

Web Host InetServices Launches New Website for Cloud Services
Showcasing its comprehensive suite of cloud hosting services, web hosting provider InetServices (www.inetservices.com) has officially launched its new website, www.inetservicescloud.com, dedicated specifically to cloud hosting services.

What is Cloud Hosting and is it Right for Your Needs?
One of the newest technologies utilized in the web hosting industry, cloud hosting can be very beneficial for its users. You might be aware that Google has been using this type of computer infrastructure for quite some time. But what exactly is it and how does it work?

US Companies Ready For Added Cloud Computing Investment
According to a survey of 150 information technology decision makers from various small and large companies across the country by ReliaCloud, a national IT infrastructure company based in Minneapolis, three-quarters of companies identified the development of cloud computing as a priority for 2010.

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