BrandPost: 7 Steps to Customer Experience Excellence

Customer experience is the new currency of business competition, and proof of this is easy to find. The companies favored today by your friends, family, and colleagues—and no doubt, yourself—confirm a new truth: Great customer experiences win the market.

  • Uber, a software company, is killing it in the taxi industry because it creates a seamless transaction to get from one place to another. It knows who you are and where you are, gives you accurate driver information that’s updated constantly, and eliminates the hassle of on-site payment.
  • Amazon continues to disrupt the retail marketplace because it works hard to learn more about the things you like and need—then not only makes it easy for you to buy them, but also to receive them.
  • Netflix keeps evolving and innovating by improving its personalization and recommendations, beating the competition and making it effortless for customers to find the entertainment they want. 

There are similar examples of digital disruption in every industry, and they all have one thing in common: creating a great customer experience. And, great customer experiences start with great customer data.

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