Startup Nation: This Israeli Company Uses Military Principles To Build Scalable Businesses

Despite being treasured for marveling landmarks and a rich legacy of power, Israel is often depicted as a severely war-stricken nation, grappling with a deep and pervasive history of sociopolitical struggle. All articles Read more »

Top execs at Amazon and Line’s India businesses are quitting

India is front and centre for most tech companies right now due to its powerhouse economy, expected to become the world’s second-largest smartphone market behind China by 2020, and it’s absurdly huge population — and like China, it’s hard for outsiders to really grasp just how big this place is. That’s why eyebrows are being raised […] Read more »

Web based businesses and cloud computing?

Question by Twzted Love Photography: Web based businesses and cloud computing? In your opinions what do you think will be some major benefits with the innovations of cloud computing when tied into your web based business? And by this I don’t necessarily mean physical product business, but even things like graphic design companies, freelance companies, […] Read more »

Small businesses 'driving cloud hosting growth'

Small businesses 'driving cloud hosting growth' By contrast, just 18 per cent expect consumer subscriptions to be the primary source of cloud hosting expansion. OnApp's chief executive Ditlev Bredahl said adoption is being driven by small businesses focused on application and web development. … Read more on Global Gold Internet Services Alert Logic and Datapipe […] Read more »