Microsoft to cut update ties between Edge and Windows 10

Microsoft will sever the update ties between Windows 10 and its default browser, Edge, to give company developers a way to refresh the browser more often than twice a year, according to an online report.

“Users will finally be able to get updates to the Edge browser via the Windows Store, which will allow Microsoft to add new features more frequently,” wrote Rich Woods of Neowin Monday, citing unnamed sources within Microsoft.

Since the mid-2015 launch of Windows 10, Edge feature updates have been limited to the times when the operating system itself was upgraded. There have been four iterations of Edge thus far: The original of July 2015, dubbed version 12; then November 2015’s version 13; August 2016’s version 14; and April 2017’s version 15.

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OpenIAM Helps Improve Patient Privacy and Collaboration Between…

OpenIAM’s Identity and Access Governance (IAG) stack has been successfully deployed by healthcare organizations to control access to patient information as well as enable secure collaboration between…

(PRWeb May 10, 2016)

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What is the difference between a quasar and a blazar?

Question by TheOriginalNerdNumber2: What is the difference between a quasar and a blazar?
And why is that difference important?

Best answer:

Answer by Ricky
A quasar is a very energetic and distant galaxy with an active galactic nuclei. A blazar is just a much more compact and energetic version of the same thing. Blazar’s are usually associated with very small, dense galaxies with much more powerful nuclei than quasar’s.

Hope this helps 🙂

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how to share large data files between two offices?

cloud servers
by cote

Question by andrew t: how to share large data files between two offices?
I am an architect and work for an architectural firm – obviously. Our company has two offices, a main office and a satellite office (which is where I work) We are separated by about 600 miles.

We often need people in our home office to work on our projects (all of the engineers are there) and often we help them with theirs. So we need to share project files – CAD drawings, photographs, documents etc.. which can be huge and multiple per project.

Currently our Satellite office uses Remote Desktop to remote into the home office’s main file server and put our files there or take the ones we need from them. I moved a folder of just images this morning that was 850MB and it took literally hours just to make that one transfer which was not even close to the whole project… It’s impossible to keep everyone on the same page this way.

We have always had a problem with sharing data due not only to file sizes and slow transfers but say if I’m working on a drawing and someone in the other office is working on the same drawing. We end up overwrite each others work (which has happened many times and it sucks). Or someone forgets to update the project and the other guy spends hours working on the old out dated version of something.

How do other companies in multiple office situations deal with this type of data sharing? I can’t imagine we’re the only ones in the world who have this need.

I do realize that we could move ALL our data to a cloud somewhere. The problem with that is our home office is royally stuck in their ways and won’t even entertain the idea of cloud storage and giving up their precious archaic file server.. How was this accomplished before there even was a cloud? Is there some way to reliably “Sync” our two file servers?

P.S. Our satellite office only has a DSL connection. There is no cable in our building at all (who in this day and age builds an office building with no access to cable is beyond me!)

Thanks for any advice, sorry about the novel.

Best answer:

Answer by Fred
One possible solution is dropbox. They offer a free and a paid for service depending on how much space you need. Go to for specifics. What it does is create a folder on the computers you install it on. When you move a file to this folder or change a file in the folder, it automatically sync any other computer running dropbox with the same credentials. It also stores a copy on the website which you can log into and download from anywhere. Great program and free or cheap!

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Q&A: difference between client server and cloud computing?

Question by : difference between client server and cloud computing?
What is the difference and similarities between cloud computing and client server computing technology. please if anybody know, write your answer…

Best answer:

Answer by Chris D
“Could computing” is the latest technology buzz-word but it’s actual meaning varies. When people say could computing they are mostly referring to storing your data “online”. What’s really happening is you are storing your data at another location usually operated by a 3rd party. The down-side of cloud computing is that it requires a constant internet connection, varies depending on your connection speed and the data is not in your personal possession. The data is being stored at another facility by a 3rd party. You have to reply on that 3rd party to protect and secure your data.

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What is the difference between the cloud and the “old school” client/server systems?

cloud servers
by eflon

Question by MT: What is the difference between the cloud and the “old school” client/server systems?
Wouldn’t a connection to a cloud be the same as the days of a dummy terminal connecting to a server? A cloud seems to be just like the client/server systems of the olden days except you have more storage space and it is through the Internet. Am I missing something? It seems a cloud is simply a version of the old school client/server system where the client can be any terminal usually called a dummy terminal (in today’s case a smart phone or computer) connecting to the cloud which is a server. The only difference is the dummy terminals of today have a lot of memory and microprocessors when the dummy terminals of the past could be a simple keyboard and monitor with no memory. What is the difference between the cloud and the client/server system of days past?

Best answer:

Answer by johntrottier
First – The previous person to answer this question was way off base
I apologize on behalf of those who enjoy and use YA as a way to share knowledge and help others

Your point is completely valid.
The only major difference between the old model and the new one is that the old system was text only, being limited by the comparatively primitive network systems of the time.
The current model is just client/server updated with graphics capabilities and a lot more bandwidth.

It’s a marketing ploy – designed to separate us from our our hard earned dollars.

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What are the differences between the Cloud Computing Model and the Client-Server Model ?

Question by tefa: What are the differences between the Cloud Computing Model and the Client-Server Model ?

Best answer:

Answer by crimsonsamurai
Client-Server is more localized while the Cloud is global. The Client-Server can essentially be a sub-directory of the wider encompassing Cloud but not always.

On a scale lets assume the Client-Server is your network, the Cloud is then the rest of the world network outside of your core (server) gateway, and can technically be measured to infinity; which is what the cloud represents.

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Is there any relation between multicore and Cloud Computing ?

Question by tefa: Is there any relation between multicore and Cloud Computing ?
I was asked to talk about the “Effects of multi-core on cloud computing” ? are there any materials that might help me ?

Best answer:

Answer by Nick
These two concepts have little to do with each other.

In general, cloud computing is doing your computing remotely, on computers you don’t own and don’t particularly know the location of, although if you like the concept but you’re a big company with trust issues you could put together your own cloud.

Multicore computers can do compute operations simultaneously. Multicore computers are often used for transaction processing, where you can use several lower-speed (cheaper) cores to handle several simultaneous transactions (symmetric multiprocessing).

Whether a CPU with multiple slower cores is “better” than a faster single-core CPU depends on what you want it to do. If no particular task requires a lot of CPU, then the more cores you have, the better.

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Cloud Hosting-difference between cloud hosting and shared hosting

cloud hosting
by Cirne

is a web hosting service that is delivered from a network of connected servers. In other words you can say that cloud hosting, also known as clustered hosting,  is a group of servers that are all connected together to increase features. These connected servers are regarded as a ‘cloud’ or ‘cluster’ and those servers enable any users to utilize all the resources from all the servers on the cloud. On the whole, it is a group of instantly existing computing/hosting resources such as RAM memory, CPU and bandwidth pieced together, serving as a whole.

Many hosting companies and even a few internet retailers are starting to offer cloud hosting services. Most cloud hosting companies offer easy setup and creation of private cloud hosting with simple user interfaces and charge per usage instead of flat rate pricing. Users just pay for the amount of processing, bandwidth and storage that they use. This pricing method benefits both cloud hosting companies and end users.


Now we would make comparison between and shared hosting. These terms have many things in common you should be able to judge how they are similar and what is the point of difference.

1. Cloud hosting and shared hosting plans are economic in nature. The biggest difference between two is that cloud hosting uses a cluster of servers called “clouds.” On the other hand, in shared hosting one server is used. In both cases, consumer pays according their usage. Shared hosting is generally cheaper than cloud hosting. But in cloud hosting you can get more options.

2. Cloud hosting permits you to use a wide range of technologies, file formats and web tools as clouds are formed from multiple servers. But on the other hand, you will not get this much of variety in shared hosting.

3. Cloud hosting and shared hosting handle traffic differently. With cloud hosting, traffic is easy to handle because network of servers are working for the consistency of your site. And in case of shared hosting, it might happen that you would not be able to control the traffic and web activities. The brighter side of this is that you can keep your cost control but drawback is that your site temporarily loses its functionality.

Before opting for any of the service it’s your duty to determine which of these options is better for you. You can make your mind by deciding your goals means the purpose to buy these services whether it will be used for commercial use or to satisfy your passion.

iCloudHosting is a new breed of hosting company, offering Cloud Server and Cloud Hosting. Cloud Hosting is a branch of Cloud Computing Hosting, which is changing the way that we think about computing resources.

What is the difference between a web host like Joyent and a basic hosting company like GoDaddy?

Question by PJ: What is the difference between a web host like Joyent and a basic hosting company like GoDaddy?
I’m trying to figure out which company to use for hosting the database that will be required for my small business. The business helps clients crunch certain information using a database (likely written in php).

I was referred to Joyent and it looks like a solid cloud host, but I’m also familiar with GoDaddy and they are much cheaper. Are they in the same ballpark in terms of what they can offer?

Best answer:

Answer by Deep Purple
I haven’t tried Joyent but I’d stay away from godaddy.
Personally I have found IX to be the best of the lot.

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