Why are bacteria ruling this world and people calling themselves by names of animals?

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by Cirne

Question by experienced: Why are bacteria ruling this world and people calling themselves by names of animals?
Gods are bacterial vermins with ability to replicate themselves everywhere in our visual space. Their names are bacteria. Their characteristic is to multiply or replicate. They have no blood, no heart, no legs, no arm, and no organs. They are parasites that live on blood.

They create the 26 letters of the alphabet to name themselves. Two main groups calls earth. The other ones called themselves Mars, Venus, and other names. Everything that it sees, it claims. The blood group species, human, calls bacteria germs, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other names because the blood group species is allergic to bacteria, the vermins that name themselves after the earth and the planets in space. They live on anything, but specifically decaying matter. They mimic everything, especially the dead, since the blood species love very much their own kind. Bacteria exploit this human weakness to the fullest. They makes themselves skins and can walk as in insects, crawl, fly as in roaches, flies, moths, and other vermins, rule earth as in human viruses, rule in heaven as in bacteria in the clouds, live in space as in the black hole, the asteroids, the comets and others, and live in us, human temples, as viruses. They keep the flame planet, which they called sun, prisoner, and all the other bacterial planets are there to guard the flame planet until it dies. Bacteria do not need the flame planet since bacteria love dark and shady places.

The blood group species is prisoner of bacteria since they breathe and eat bacteria and is infected. Since bacteria live on blood, the blood group species become the bloodbank of bacteria and as well its mercenaries. As we can see, Earth is ruled by re and ra, which name, earth, is their scrambled name. Everything from there is named after bacteria. For example, if your name is Gerard, you have two group of viruses living in you, which they consider their temples, ra and re. These two groups of bacteria give you multiple personalities because they continually fight for ownership of the temple. These two group of bacteria live by the religious books,

Since bacteria’s characteristic is to multiply, so they have to use the host to go out and recruit. They multiply in many ways: self- replication, mating, spreading the words, stealing, kidnapping, and many other means necessary.

Means used to rule: Brute force, deceit when necessary. Bacteria use the host to kill their species. Bacteria live on sacrifice, since all sacrifice require bloodshed. The bloodless species practice self-sacrifice since they claim to go to live in the clouds, their heaven after they die. That is why there is always war on bacterial earth to keep the blood going (bacteria love to drink blood since they don’t have blood of their own); the oil flowing (human death causes oil prosperity for bacteria); the clouds hanging over our head (since barbecued flesh causes smoke which rises to the clouds, which in turn causes the clouds to be fit thrones for bacteria above, which live by smell of smoke flesh of the blood group species).
People call themselves by the name of animals depending on which parasites from which animals are living on them and ruling them.

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