Apple: Sell Into Strength

Apple (AAPL) has seen its share price run up considerably in recent months, but could soon experience a pullback due to both fundamental and technical reasons. The overall trend higher remains intact for Apple, but investors should still be aware of potential headwinds and how to position for it. On a long-term chart, Apple looks […] Read more »

Apple and GE team up on software to track power plants, machinery

(Reuters) – Apple Inc and General Electric Co say they are working together to make it easier to write software that can track power plants and jet engines on Apple’s iPhones and iPads. The companies have come up with a tool for app developers to connect Apple’s iOS operating system more easily to Predix, the […] Read more »

Apple Considered Buying Medical Startup Crossover Health

According to a new report on Apple’s healthcare push. Apple’s push into healthcare may have included buying a popular startup that runs on-site medical clinics for companies. The consumer technology giant spent several months discussing whether to buy Crossover Health, but eventually no deal was reached, according to a CNBC report published Monday that cites […] Read more »

Apple sees sharp increase in U.S. national security requests

(Reuters) – Apple Inc has received more than three times as many national-security related requests from the U.S. government in the first half of this year versus a year ago, according to a company report on Thursday. Apple said it had received between 13,250 and 13,499 national security requests affecting between 9,000 and 9,249 users. […] Read more »

An editor for ‘The Verge’ took a job with Apple — and didn’t tell his employer

An editor for The Verge took a job with Apple — but didn’t tell his employer.  Chris Ziegler, a founding editor at the tech-focused digital media publication, began working for Apple in July 2016. Ziegler did not tell The Verge, where he had been a deputy editor, and continued to be employed by the website, […] Read more »

The Verge’s Deputy Editor Chris Ziegler Was Secretly Working for Apple for Two Months

Late this afternoon, Nilay Patel, the editor-in-chief of The Verge, published a post detailing the circumstances around the departure of Chris Ziegler, a founding member of the site. As it turns out, according to Patel, Ziegler had been pulling double duty as an employee of both The Verge and Apple. Read more… All articles Read more »

iPhone 7 Problems Exposed, Is Apple Flying Or Dying?

The iPhone 7 handsets are pivotal phones for Apple. Tim Cook and his team are taking a number of gambles with the hardware, the software, the distribution, and its corporate attitude. What are the road signs towards Apple’s future that can be found inside the iPhone 7 family and where do they point to? All […] Read more »

Former Apple Engineers Introduce ELWN, the World’s Best Earbuds…

ELWN FIT Earbuds launch on Kickstarter and answer the question – “How can I work, play, and live my active lifestyle without a thought about charging or adjusting my wireless earbuds?” (PRWeb July 12, 2016) Read the full story at All articles Read more »

Facebook Challenges Apple For Control Of The Next Major Battleground

The news that Facebook is working on encrypting end-to-end communication in its chat client is another sign that messaging is the next major battleground online. End-to-end encryption is increasingly being seen as a desirable product for many users of IM platforms, and the addition of this feature should be seen as Facebook emphatically planting a […] Read more »