Google’s smart speaker will be cheaper than the Amazon Echo, report says

Amazon might be getting a little worried. Pricing details for Google’s upcoming smart speaker, the Amazon Echo-like Google Home, may have just been leaked and they suggest that Google’s speaker will be a lot cheaper than Amazon’s. SEE ALSO: Google sends invite for likely Pixel smartphone launch on Oct. 4 The speaker will sell for […] Read more »

Top execs at Amazon and Line’s India businesses are quitting

India is front and centre for most tech companies right now due to its powerhouse economy, expected to become the world’s second-largest smartphone market behind China by 2020, and it’s absurdly huge population — and like China, it’s hard for outsiders to really grasp just how big this place is. That’s why eyebrows are being raised […] Read more »

Amazon Pop-up Loft programme to give start ups free web service training

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Pop-up Loft programme has extended to London, with the opening of dedicated office space where start ups can get free support from cloud computing experts. The Fore Street offices, close to the city of London, will be open until the end of October with the intention of bringing together developers, […] Read more »