So George Romero’s Next Of the Dead Movie Is Basically About Zombie NASCAR 

George A. Romero, director of the legendary Night of the Living Dead, the equally legendary Dawn of the Dead, the not legendary but still good Day of the Dead, and countless other zombie entertainment, is trying something different. Very different. So different it’s a movie where zombies race cars to entertain rich… Read more… All […] Read more »

Here’s What the Last Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer Revealed About the Villains and Their Plans

Last night was the premiere of the last trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. A lot of stuff wasn’t new, but what was new was that our new villain explained herself. And Nebula got enough screentime to help us chart her path. Read more… All articles Read more »

ASHLEE SIMPSON Out & About with Boyfriend Evan Ross

[gallink] There’s nothing we love like a steady celebrity romance! Today’s cutest couple snaps are of singer Ashlee Simpson and her beau Evan Ross. The duo was spotted leaving The Vapor Shop in Sherman Oaks yesterday afternoon. Dressed for fall weather, and starting to resemble each other a bit like couples often do, Ash and […] Read more »

Trump ‘knows things’ others don’t about Russian hacking

If Russian hackers are fiddling around with America’s electricity grid, then that would be extremely alarming. It is also what was reported by the Washington Post on the heels of the Obama Administration announcing sanctions against Russia for interfering in a US election. The original headline read, “Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a […] Read more »

Report: Google is thinking about buying Twitter

Twitter has a had a few years of slow growth, but with some recent successes under its belt, it looks like there are a few bidders for an acquisition. A report by CNBC indicates that Google and Salesforce are among the top suitors looking to buy Twitter. Other ‘top tech companies’ are also looking into […] Read more »